Track & Trace of Order with Automatic Arrival Notification

Your own Track & Trace, integrated with your order system and your website for maximum delivery communication

Our standardized app allows any driver to log in and help document your deliveries digitally. The solution makes no demands on specific hardware, any mobile phone, tablet or PC integrates these employees digitally into your supply documentation chain.

Delivery data available to several in the organization and not least the recipients

We experience that digitization of the delivery process benefits internal parties in your organization and your partners. Recipients also have the direct opportunity to seek out information on delivery statuses through

  • web
  • text message
  • email

In this way, as a user of our solution, you will experience a facilitation of the collaboration between the support, sales and logistics department.

The flexible app structure also makes it easy to work with several transport providers at once.

Structured work also ensures a minimal dependence on specialist knowledge in your organization, so that employee flexibility is optimal.

Get wiser on our Track & Trace solution

  • Better overview
    Through system couplings, we can create a graphical overview of the deliveries to be planned.
  • Less administration
    Through direct system connections, we reuse data to the maximum and we minimize administration.
  • More automation
    Interaction between several systems and algorithms aims to support employees to the maximum.
  • Covers the entire spectrum, from manual to fully automatic scheduling
  • Makes it easier to plan with more tools
  • Facilitates manual processes that cost or are forgotten.
  • One system that can be connected to several others: website, ERP, subcontractors, tracking, etc.
  • Make delivery data available to more people in the organization
  • Less person-dependent – the customer can always get an answer
  • SMS and email notifications – automatically
  • We are cost effective – small and agile and experienced
  • Many integration options

If you wish

  • to ease the pressure on your customer service
  • to inform your customers exactly about ETA
  • to document your deliveries
  • to optimize delivery routes
  • to streamline the handling of your deliveries to customers,
  • to create more peace of mind in delivery,
  • to create a better overview for customer service and the sales department,
  • that and not least, inform your customers / recipients in the best possible way,

Many of our solutions are complex and have the ability to be adapted to your needs. Therefore, solutions and thus the prices can vary. We prefer to agree on solutions together with you, to ensure your optimal price.

The technical details of CargoRoute Track & Trace

  1. Integration with all ERP systems
  2. Get started quickly with the standard solution
  3. Communicate maximally with customers via web, sms and email
  4. Support multiple departments at once: dispatch, sales and customer service

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