Equipment Tracking – Asset Tracking

Tracking of load carriers

In addition to vehicles, we also track “dead” or “non powered” items.
We can place and document movement of equipment such as

  • europaller
  • block pallets
  • plastic pallets
  • flower cages
  • ibc thought
  • drums
  • containers
  • mobile and solid fuel tanks

Asset tracking finds its value in the fact that many business processes are based on equipment being located through processes.

Assets can be load carriers that can be linked to order information.

ULD Tracking AirCargo

Cargo carriers or RTI or Returnable Transport Items are also used in air freight.

Due to in-flight safety, there are certain technical challenges that need to be addressed.
We have solved them, and continue to solve these challenges, which are both technical but equally collaborative in air freight.

In addition to meeting technical security requirements, we also provide a worldwide system for managing and locating Unit Load Devices.

We provide overview, much less administration and more automation of the tracking processes for the benefit of Airlines, Ground Handlers and equipment leasing companies.

Distribution center solution (1)

Another form of asset management is timeslot, port and input – output control.

We know that within distribution there is a large expense item called damages.

We have developed a tracking system that identifies and films everything in and out via a camera surveillance system.

Behind the camera system, all entrances and exits are tagged so that the passengers and the passing equipment can be identified and time-stamped.

Advanced software makes it possible to identify equipment damage. These are lifted out and and presented for inspection.

Identification can be done with different technologies such as BT, RFID, LoraWan, Sigfox, Gsm and others. can also be used to control gates, booms etc.

With this way of working we can automate port passage registrations, we can automate the identification of damages, as well as place the responsibility for the damages.

We work independently of hardware and software that may already be in use.
In other words, we use and integrate into the infrastructure that is already in place.

Distribution center solution (2)

Another form of asset is the management of which ports have received which cars and thus which orders.

Again, by being able to identify both equipment (cars) and locations (gates), we can log which events are taking place.

In addition to creating a live overview of which ports receive which deliveries, all activity is logged and makes the events traceable.

Operationally, this has proved to be a great advantage due to the here and now overview, automatic administration and an increased automation of the events.

Together with the DistriCenter (1) solution, this is a very valuable tool in operation.

The technical details

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