Biomass handling & traceability platform to convert organic surplus production into clean high energy biomass.

Organic Waste

Moving towards a more sustainable future, the importance of effective and non polluting waste management and energy production is of utmost importance.
We contribute to a sustainable society where all waste is utilized and our climate impact is zero.
Our Biomass Handling Platform (BHP) is dedicated to support the best known solution available for receiving organic waste and transforming it into high-energy biomass.

Biomass from organic waste is a valuable CO2 neutral resource that is to be collected, processed, and turned into energy.
However, to fully utilize this resource, we need to have efficient and effective processes in place.

Highest gas yield

The main benefit of using the Biomass Handling Platform (BHP) is the ability to ensure the highest gas yield by clever organic surplus combinations.
By carefully combining organic waste materials, we can create a more efficient and effective biogas production process.
Intelligent combination of organic surplusses, results in biomass with predictable and measurable gas potential, and thus enables optimisation of biogas production.


A central element to achieve efficient processes is the use of a Biomass Handling Platform (BHP) which ensures traceability,  secures and supports the operations ISCC certification. This certification guarantees that the platform meets the highest standards for sustainability, traceability, and accountability.
The process is digitally secured, in order to ensure optimal gas yield and total traceability. The platform enables you to specify exactly which incoming batches have been used for which outgoing biomass production.
This especially designed flow handling ensures easy ISCC certification at any time.
ISCC stands for International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, which is a certification system for sustainable biomass and bioenergy.
It is a globally recognized certification scheme that ensures sustainable and responsible production, processing, and trade of biomass and biofuels.

Get Leaner, Go Greener: cleanest biomass

Recycling surplus organic waste is must for a sustainable future. Knowledge of today allows us to optimally combine available organic surplusses, to maximise the highest energy yield possible in any situation and combination. Reduction of the amount of waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills, is also an important advantage.
Additionally, the platform can help to increase recycling rates, reduce waste, and improve the overall efficiency of the process.

According to our experience all packaging can be removed, and 90% of residual packaging can be recycled.

The red circles to the right identify packaging residue in biomass.
This is a ginormous problem as biogas residual slurry is used as fertilizer on food producing fields, resulting in microplast in our foodstuffs.
We find this unacceptable and we will continuously work to raise awareness, and work to change this.


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