What is an order track and trace system?

An order track and trace system: what is it and what can you do with it? On this page we discuss an innovative technology: order tracking. How do you use order track and trace as a company and what can you do with it? SolutionWeb will tell you.

What is an order track and trace system?

With an order track and trace system you track orders. The system gives you the possibility to follow orders accurately. You know the location, but also other data. For example, you can also see what the expected delivery time is. You follow an order in the production process and on its way to your customers.

If you know where an order is in the production process or on the way to the customer, you can adjust your work accordingly. And that contains a large amount of added value.

Iets bestellen en volgen wordt mogelijk met order track en trace
Orders track en trace - geeft overzicht voor alle betrokkenen!

Track and trace orders – why an added value?

Working more efficiently becomes very easy with a track and trace system. The expected delivery time, the location of the order and any problems – in short, the system provides information. Information that you can use to optimize business processes and to provide the customer with the best possible service. Below we list two practical examples.

Optimize business processes

Employees know where the orders are in the production process. They can adjust their work accordingly. A programmer does not have to prepare his work yet if the machine has not even been assembled yet. The provision of information ensures optimization!

The customer is informed

And will therefore be more satisfied with the communication. Everyone likes to be informed, including your customers! They will experience fewer questions and problems if they know in a timely manner when to expect their order!

Who benefits from the track and trace system?

Many people benefit from a track and trace system. Both your company and the customers of your company will be happy with a clear system where everything comes together.

The benefits for your company

Perhaps you have already applied the benefits mentioned earlier in your mind to your own organization. While we could spend many words on the exact benefits, it basically comes down to three core things that form the basis of SolutionWeb: more overview, more automation and less administration.


More Overview

The track and trace software provides overview by making the status and location clear. Not just for you, but for everyone in your organization who needs it to work even more efficiently.



Automation is the logical consequence. With the track and trace system, various activities no longer need to be done manually. For example, the software gives a notification at a certain point and uses as much data as possible from the ERP system.


Less administrative work

That brings us to the last key point: less administration. This has everything to do with the fact that the track and trace system for orders is seamlessly linked to your organization’s ERP system. That minimizes administrative work and manual input!

Invest in an order track and trace system

The customer also benefits from an order track and trace system – and that makes it an attractive investment. When you can offer more value to your customers, that is enriching for the organization. And certainly if you benefit yourself as well, the purchase of a track and trace system is more than worth considering. The system is dynamic, so it can benefit in various ways. Think for example of sharing relevant data, such as the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and any delivery problems.

Order track and trace system

Are you curious to learn more about an order track and trace system? In our knowledge center there is a lot of information on this subject. Do you want to know what the system can do for your company or are you convinced of its usefulness for your organization? Contact our expert Douwe Hoekstra via the contact form!

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