Order Handling

To work with transport and other types of orders optimally, we have built a solution which we call OrderBooking.

The purpose of this solution is that we avoid having to rewrite data that has already been written on an order once, but that we continuously fight the orders depending on how we execute them. One of the things our customers mention is also how during the whole process it is possible for their customers to log on to the web portal in OrderBooking to follow the status of the deliveries. Likewise, invoicing and collective invoicing of orders, reminder procedures etc. built into the solution by default. We recommend that you “lock” the orders on to your ERP system to optimize the accounting functions in connection with. ordreadmiistration.

OrderBooking is made to provide:

  • Better overview
  • Less administration
  • More automation

The technical details

  1. Orders can either be entered into OrderBooking directly, or they can be “pushed in” via available APIs from ERP systems such as NAV, Sap, Exact, C5, E-Conomic, and many other (international) solutions.
  2. Activation of algorithms ensures that we can, for example, automatically classify which VAT rates are to be used on each individual order.
  3. Addresses can be geocoded as needed if this makes sense in the subsequent work process.
  4. The dispatch module allows for planning of orders that are assigned to different employees

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