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Benefits of an automated ERP integration

Automated integrations of data flows in company systems offer a range of benefits. First and foremost, they enable a more efficient utilization of resources by eliminating manual data entry, freeing up resources for more productive work. This contributes to a error-free process in order registration and promotes a smooth, paperless workflow. Additionally, an improved overview and history of activities are achieved, while the possibility of data sharing through a customer portal also enhances customer communication.

Efficient and fast invoicing

By integrating TMS (Transportation Management System) with accounting or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, the invoicing process can be automated and streamlined. After a transport is completed and well-documented through the driver app (or mobile employee app), data automatically flows into the ERP or accounting system along with all the data and documentation collected during the transportation process. This reduces the time and resources typically spent on manual invoicing and minimizes the risk of invoicing errors.

Precision and no forgotten orders

There are many sharp minds working within transportation and logistics. With the pressure on employees today due to busyness and not always optimal staffing, it is important to support the business digitally. The precision of digital systems to support employees and processes is crucial to ensure the company’s profitability. Digital bridging between systems is therefore a crucial piece of the strategy. A busy day-to-day routine without forgotten notes and constant digital overview ensures happy customers and employees, as well as the registration and invoicing of all tasks.

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