Our story:

Once upon a time ….

… a bunch of technically interested young people who, in the mid-90s, started a business in an inner-city courtyard in the heart of Copenhagen to create websites and host them on their own equipment.
At that time, when the summers were hot, all windows were wide open and fans and cooling systems kept the operating temperature at a somewhat tolerable level.
In 1997, more focus and more time and resources were invested in the company and additional jobs were no more.

The current SolutionWeb was started in 2010 based on the experience of the 90s.
Solutionweb works on optimizing business activities through the use of thoughtful and value-creating web-based subscription solutions.
With our international experience and interests, we integrate our entire reference horizon into our solutions to create head start and innovation for our customers.

Today we work with and focus on:

  • SolutionApps – for digitizing mobile employees
  • Tracking – Fleet, Assets and Data,
  • Integrations – ERP, CRM, E-commerce, POS, WMS, Logistics …

The business segments where we create value are:

  1. Production companies with their own logistics
  2. Transport and logistics
  3. Service and Construction companies

We are innovative, curious, experienced and reliable in our approach to solutions that we maintain, build, develop and operate.

We believe that subscription solutions are the right way to establish a balanced cooperative relationship.
An easy start-up, efficient periodic costs and cost-effective access to technology without burdensome pre-investments, are, we believe, a good way to support and work with our customers.

Talk to an expert

No small print

All the services we offer can be started when it suits you best.
Subscriptions generally have a minimum period of 3 months.
Certain services where regulatory data is managed may have a longer minimum period.
Unless otherwise agreed upon.

My best advice is: talk to one of our experts to evaluate exactly what problem you are looking to solve.

Many of our solutions are complex and have the ability to be adapted to your needs. Therefore, solutions and thus the prices can vary. We prefer to agree on solutions together with you, to ensure your optimal price.

Yes we have applied GDPR requirements and we have adapted our systems and processes accordingly. We have always protected our customers’ data, even if this was at our expense. It is a central obligation towards our customers which we take verry seriously. We have a strong GDPR setup that ensures optimal compliance with the rules.

First of all, we would like to hear more about the challenges your company faces. Based on this, we will find the best solution for you. Solutions can be built using our existing solutions, custom solutions, or a new uniquely built solution to meet your special challenges.

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