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Here are 4 good reasons to get started without risks.

STRA.COM aims to take care of the most crucial aspects of your business: Orders, and minimizing your Carbon Footprint.

The more businesses optimize their processes with our platform, the greater the overall CO2 reduction, which is one of our primary goals. Therefore, we want to eliminate any uncertainties you might have. Here are four solid reasons that reduce your risk:

  1. Our pricing model is cost-neutral and scales to your company’s size.
  2. We offer up to 12 months of halved licensing fees if you’re switching from another solution.
    (conditions apply).
  3. We recognize our impact on your day-to-day operations and understand the importance of flawless implementation.
    Hence, we’ve developed the P.I.E.E.P. program, which guarantees a seamless implementation with a 100% refund policy. You won’t pay licensing fees until the P.I.E.E.P. program is completed and everyone is satisfied.
  4. Are you satisfied with the platform? Become a GoGreen Referral Partner and receive a 50% discount on your next year’s licensing fees.

“Proper Implementation Enables Excellent Performance”

We map out the existing processes in your company and align them with the STRA.COM platform. We implement the platform and train the users.

Our goal? Outstanding performance that enables users throughout the company to work with confidence. Guaranteed.

By following the P.I.E.E.P. program, you as a customer are well-prepared to get the most out of the STRA platform.


Our pricing model fits all company sizes. Thanks to our new flexible pricing module, we can adapt to your company. Our prices allow you to use STRA.COM cost-neutrally.

The only investment required before you can use the platform is a one-time implementation to map and implement your processes and train your team.

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