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Here are 4 good reasons to get started without risks.

The more companies get leaner with our platform, the higher our the consolidated CO2 reduction. And that’s exactly our purpose. Therefor we want to take away any doubts you might have. Here are 4 good reasons that minimize your risk:

  1. Our pricing model has the possibility to be cost neutral and sizes with your company.
  2. We give you up to 12 months license fee for free in case you move from other logistics software (conditions apply)
  3. We realise that we make impact on your daily operation. There is no room for errors. Therefor we have designed the P.I.E.E.P program which guarantees proper implementation with 100% money back policy. And you don’t pay license fee until P.I.E.E.P is finished and to everyone’s satisfaction.
  4. Satisfied with the platform? Become GoGreen referral partner and receive 40% discount on your next license year.

Proper implementation enables excellent performance (P.I.E.E.P)

We map the existing logistical processes in your company and align these with our supply chain logistics software. We implement the platform and train the users.

Our goal? Outstanding performance that enables users across the enterprise to work with confidence. Guaranteed.

Or we’ll refund the implementation 100%.


Our pricing model facilitates all business sizes. Due to our flexible pricing module, we size along with your business dynamics and it’s operating costs can be applied cost neutral.

The only investment there is before you can use the platform is a one-time implementation to map and implement your processes and train your team.

 *** Not happy with your current logistics automation? ***

We offer to provide free transition to our platform.
And if you’ve already paid licensing fees, you can switch to our platform for free for up to 12 months.

 Contact us here for pricing

 **** Campaign ****

Get 50% discount on our implemementation program →

 –>valid until 1st of April 2023 <–

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