Digital Document Handling

Digital documents give you a better overview and less administration.

By automating several documentation processes that have to be repeated over and over again, we can help you with a lot of value.

Whether you work in an office, as a doctor, as a lawyer, or in transport and logistics, documents often become digital, as it makes very good sense for practical reasons, it is easier to find and process the documents. Theoretically, it is also possible to use much less paper to protect the environment, and the more you get used to digital document handling the easier it becomes to work without paper.

Digital documents that can be signed digitally also have the advantage that credibility is top notch, and that considerable sums can be saved, and not least time, of transporting signed physical documents all over the world.

Practically, the use of the DocScan solution means that you can easily email or upload documents

From your digital document archive, you can link to all other systems as you wish: customer portal, accounting systems, etc. A really valuable solution in many business contexts. Upload or email e.g. to:

  • contacts
  • orders
  • dispatches
  • fleet units

We recommend operating with two different variants in the same solution;

  1. the common archiving solution and
  2. the one who uses AI which means that documents can be read and that the systems can act on the basis of read information. Eg. create orders based on a pdf document.

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