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More and more often, sensors replace human control procedures and since the sensors can report on our monitoring platform, we offer you that data can trigger predefined specific automated actions.

Example 1: when we measure the degree of density in silos, a certain level can e.g. 20% means that Sensor Monitor points out that it is time to reorder feed so that the animals do not get hungry and produce less.

Example 2: It is also possible to generate an automated reorder of elements directly to a supplier so that we ensure that a production process does not stop.

We offer you to monitor a number of functions, such as position, temperature, levels, and slopes at the same time, and we work with a number of sensors that have value within Agro, Industry, Logistics, Service and Transport:

Do you know how much you have left in your silo?

Before you start, however, it is important that we get some thoughts together about how to know the degree of fullness of the silo, how safe your content control of the silo should be and whether we can optimize the process of re-ordering while minimizing delivery costs?

With a Silo Sensor Monitor you get an automatic answer to the above questions, and not least you get a tool in hand that gives you: better overview, less administration and more automation. By continuously reading the silo’s contents, it is easy to follow stock management and plan reorder.

In addition to clear insight into when to re-order in a timely manner, the data insight also means an opportunity for route optimization and thus CO2 reduction.

  • Online visualization
  • Order optimization
  • Stock insight
  • No urgent delivery stress or the like. fees
  • No visual or manual level control
  • Never ran out of ….
  • 250 kg precision
  • Non intrusive & easy installation
  • CO2 optimization
  • +5 year battery
  • Intuitive web platform with good support
  • No maintenance
  • Adjustable KPI alarms according to your wishes
  • Integratable with other (ERP and others) systems

IBC stock management

Sensors mounted on IBC tanks ensure that the tanks come online and are made visible for central control.

An online IBC that indicates both position and density is valuable data for fex distributors of chemistry.

By being able to see position and quantity, it is possible to optimize reorder.

IBC sensor provides continuous insight into

  • Degree of filling
  • Temperature
  • Drop
  • Position

Ultrasonic level Sensor for fuel tanks, lubricant containers etc.

The sensors give you online access to the individual locations and levels in the tanks you want to monitor. Via the web application, we tailor views and alerts to your needs if the standards are not satisfactory. With this solution, you can thus avoid the work stalling due to lack of fuel, as it is easy to reorder remotely or even automatically.

The fuel sensor is suitable for a sea of different tanks: cylindrical horizontal, rectangular, cylindrical vertical, special shapes.

The solution has proven its worth in the following industries: Agro, Fuel distribution, Lubricating oils distribution, Tank, boiler and tank manufacturers, Heating & Plumbing

Level detector for waste & containers

Automatic overview of containers and their location means smarter and preferably more automated emptying. Employees can therefore be freed up for other value-creating work.

Sensors can thus help to guarantee that the same work can be made much more environmentally friendly, while at the same time saving money and time as a result of the optimizations. We are happy to integrate with your ERP / Order system, to achieve a better overview, less administration and more automation.

Coffee & vending machine monitor

An externally installed sensor, preferably with a reorder button, can ensure that the coffee machine never runs out of coffee, milk, etc.
A built-in button can ensure automatic call for service and / or refilling.

Rugged industrial Sensor up to 105 ° c.

IP67 trackers that can be used in up to 105 ° C.
Can locate equipment and comes with many different functions such as temperature, accelerometer, wifi etc.

Parking sensors

Sensors which are mounted in parking spaces in order to be able to register whether the parking space is free or occupied. Not only locally but also online.
The sensors are connected to our web solutions which provide an overview of occupancy, parking time etc. Easy and simple installation without the need for local infrastructure.

Water: control and monitoring

Since water is the precious resource, it pays to monitor several aspects of it. Therefore, we offer the following solutions within water management:

  • Well alarm
  • Alarm level
  • On & Off pump for field irrigation fex.
  • Overconsumption alarm

Septic tank alarm

To avoid surprises, the septic tank alarm can provide better planning of emptying times.

With the solution you can predict levels and thus plan emptying more accurately.

In addition to access via internet application, we use SMS and Email for notification and remote control.

Your sensor project?

In all confidentiality, you are welcome to discuss your project with us.
NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) is part of our DNA.

We are happy to make our experience available to you to see if new ideas can be lifted to new heights.

You are therefore very welcome to contact Douwe Hoekstra who treats all inquiries as confidential, unless otherwise agreed.

Contact us, you can only get wiser.

A little more answers to any questions

Here are some examples:

  • Silo degree of fullness
  • Water on & off
  • Fuel tanks
  • Oil quality in connection with planning maintenance
  • Water quality monitoring
  • IBC tank fullness
  • Asset management
  • Container density
  • Position
  • Temperature monitoring
  1. Det selvkørende udstyr (batteridrevet) installeres i jordhøjde og er non intrusive, således at der ikke behøves at lave hul på selve silo’ens konstruktion.
  2. Installation tager kun 30 minutter, og der behøves kun 1 sensor per silo.
  3. Udstyret er vedligeholdelsesløs.
  4. Batteri holder mellem 5 og 10 år, behøver ingen rengøren og kalibrerer sig selv.
  5. Den medfølgende webløsning giver specifikke alarmer til dit behov, og kan integreres med at andre ERP, TMS mfl systemer.

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