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Standard & Special Solutions for Transport and Logistics

We can assist you and your business with either the complete package or a modular solution tailored to your needs. The driver app can be integrated with your current ERP system, enabling us to digitize your mobile employees and incorporate them digitally into your business production.

The primary solutions are:

  • OrderBooking
  • Route Planning & Optimization
  • Driver App
  • Integration with Accounting / ERP

OrderBooking for order management can be used to a greater or lesser degree, depending on your needs.

OrderBooking can be expanded with a Dispatch module which gives you access to a very well-thought-out method of disposing of orders for the drivers and cars that are available, both own and external. A customer portal is a recommended part of the solution so that your customers either enter directly into OrderBooking, or they can “shoot” orders in via available APIs from all ERP systems such as NAV, Sap, Exact, C5, E-Conomic, and many other (international) solutions. Omnibox-based fleet management can provide advanced data to best support your business decisions.

On the basis of consignment notes, we have constructed a dynamic solution which even today handles many forms of transport by land, sea and air.
Built closely with our Contact Management solution, OrderBooking is a unique and very flexible way to manage transports.

Enriched with Apps for digitizing mobile employees, integrations, and a machine room with great algorithms for route calculation and optimization, you get a digital partner in your business that creates a better overview, less administration and more automation.

It may sound overwhelming but it’s really easy to get started and away from notes and excel as your business grows.

Route Planning and Optimization

To achieve our goal of “Get Leaner, Go Greener,” More profits, Less Co2, Full Control, route planning and optimization are crucial components of the platform. The more efficiently we can utilize transportation resources such as equipment, precious fuel, and employees, the better it is for the bottom line, customers, and the environment. The platform offers both simple and more advanced planning options. For example, by employing advanced techniques and algorithms, we can easily understand the consequences of one’s decisions. This way, it quickly becomes clear whether a proposed solution is actually effective in reality. Automation can go as far as allowing the “engine room” to plan and optimize with a simple press of a button.

Driver or Mobile Employee App

We support your business with a range of different Driver App solutions and combinations. In the screenshot on the left, you can see some of the features. Navigation works in conjunction with the device’s preferred navigation program. Document sharing occurs both from the office to the App user and vice versa. Digital signature, also known as “sign on glass”, barcode and QR code scanning, RTI accounting for pallets, crates, IBCs, and all types of deposit-laden carriers.

Furthermore, the driver app is integrated into an advanced order track & trace system that ensures automatic ETA communication and documentation.

A very important feature is time registration. Drivers can record when their workday starts, when they take breaks, simply by pressing a button. This avoids paper reporting, which needs to be processed and often chased up. In this case, the data can be further used in payroll systems.

Operationally, there is the option to record time on loading and unloading as well as driven kilometers.

See the app live at this LINK

Integration with Accounting – ERP Systems

An important part of our TMS platform is the integration with accounting/ERP systems. Order data that flows freely benefits the profitability and productivity of the company using the platform. Orders and tasks are digitally enriched and processed within the platform, and then further integrated with the accounting or ERP system for final processing. This integration ensures accuracy, correct data, and no forgotten tasks.

Among the features of the app, the following can be mentioned:

Navigation, Image Capture, Barcode Scanning, Digital Document Handling, ETA Communication and Adjustment, Time Registration, Mileage Registration, Digital Signature (SOG: sign on glass), Notes, Order Creation.

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