What is a warehouse management system?

On this page you can read what a warehouse management system (WMS) is. You can also see which advantages it brings to companies and what the use of such a system is. Are you looking for information on a WMS and wondering why it is relevant to your business? Then read on!

What is a warehouse management system (WMS)?

A warehouse management system technically falls under the logistic execution systems. These are computer systems that take care of the direct execution of logistics. A WMS, the abbreviation for the words “management warehouse system,” deals with a company’s inventories and supply chain. The exact functions of the software vary from company to company, but almost always a WMS regulates matters surrounding inventory and its management. Consider the following aspects:

  • Gathering and retrieving stock
  • Storage
  • Processing and removal of goods

A WMS brings many benefits to a company. You’ll read more about that later. The use of software helps companies to operate as efficiently as possible. The warehouse management system is an example of this. Manual is a word from the past; the system ensures optimal inbound, storage and outbound of goods in a warehouse. The positive impact of a WMS is noticeable throughout the supply chain. With a warehouse management system, stocks are optimally stored, stocked and exported.

Logistieke warehouse oplossingen
Overzichtelijk orderbeheer

The intelligence of a WMS

After the general definition of a WMS, we would like to list some properties that make a warehouse management system worthwhile. These are concrete properties that come directly from practice.

A WMS is the all-rounder in the warehouse

A WMS keeps track of all the locations of the goods, so you always know where certain products are. Of course, you can classify goods as you wish, but the WMS serves as a clear system where all the current information can be found.

What makes a WMS useful?

A WMS is useful for various purposes. The most important advantages are explained below:


More Overview

A WMS offers you and your company more overview. Not only in the stock, but over the entire supply chain. A warehouse management system provides a clear overview of where the goods are. Both inside and outside the warehouse.


Easy to integrate

A WMS is easy to interface with an ERP system. There is no need to worry if you have been working with a familiar system for years. A warehouse management system is considered a valuable addition to the current system and can be well linked to an ERP system or other (logistics) integrations.


Following from A to Z

With the WMS you can follow the orders from start to finish. From purchasing to sales. With the track and trace software you always know where the orders are in the process. Moreover, you can also outline expectations based on this and possibly share them with the end customer.

Who is a warehouse management system helpful to?

The word ‘warehouse‘ in the acronym WMS already betrays that the system is attractive for companies with their own stock. Companies that do not have their own stock do not benefit from a WMS. If your company does have a stock, or if you are planning to put a stock into use soon, then the advantages of a WMS also apply to you!

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