Airfreight digitization of shipment handling and ULD – asset tracking

Dive into the transformative world of Airfreight Digitization of shipment handling and asset tracking. We strive for a seamless integration of digital cargo systems with existing external platforms, revolutionizing the airfreight industry. Discover how this integration enhances operational efficiency and accuracy, offering unprecedented levels of transparency and coordination in the global supply chain. We enable you to Get Leaner, Go Greener! More profit, less CO2, and full control.

Digitalization and Data Sharing: More Profit, Less CO2, Full Control

Digitalization and data sharing are key elements in efforts to become more efficient, generate more profit, and become more environmentally friendly. Digitalization and data sharing within the airfreight industry can contribute to this and elevate the industry to a new level. Our approach is designed to digitize and streamline your airfreight handling operations, providing a solution that is independent of hardware and software, with advanced integration potential.

Key benefits of digital airfreight management systems:

  1. Simplified billing: The process is generated by the customer, leading to significant time savings of up to 96%.
  2. Operational overview: Gain a “helicopter view” of operations, ensuring peace of mind with multiple concurrent status updates.
  3. User-friendly interface: Easy-to-use tablet apps are available for various functions on the shop floor, supported by serious and knowledgeable application support.
  4. Automated customer interaction: Through a web portal, cargo flow is improved with automated customer information, manageable with the same crew size.
  5. Seamless integration: Seamless integration with external systems, such as ERP, streamlines the process.

Get Leaner, Go Greener!

Digitalized handling systems offer many advantages, both in terms of expenses and environmentally. Furthermore, it is a significant factor in ensuring happier customers and closer collaboration. One final factor that we want to highlight is the data quality in your work. Data quality can be improved by ensuring minimal errors and minimizing time consumption in solving various tasks.


More profit

Aircargo handling and ULD asset management ensure increased profit by digitizing and sharing data, which contributes to significantly less resource wastage and fewer errors. By minimizing the time effort and simultaneously optimizing data quality, the solutions prove to be of significant value in terms of economic benefit.


Less Co2

Our solutions for air cargo handling and ULD asset tracking play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions. By optimizing airfreight processes and minimizing resource wastage, we help reduce the environmental impact of the air cargo industry. The efficient use of digital technologies and data sharing contributes to a reduction in fuel consumption, leading to a significant decrease in CO2 emissions. This is an important step towards making our air cargo systems more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The air freight industry faces an increased need for efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability.

Our air cargo handling solution and ULD tracking with offer an integrated approach that reduces resource wastage, increases profitability, and reduces CO2 emissions. With the ability to minimize time and effort, optimize data quality, and enhance operational transparency, our solutions pave the way for a more efficient and sustainable future in air freight. It is the ideal time for airlines and GHA’s to consider embracing our innovative technology to gain a competitive edge and contribute to a more environmentally friendly industry.

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