Mobile Employee App

Driver app, warehouse employee app, machine station app, sewer master app, temp app, inspector app,… ..

Many business processes use mobile employees.

Digitization of these mobile employees often means a gain for the business process due to optimization and savings and for the employees themselves in the form of a better working environment.

Our apps can be connected to your ERP system, so that the mobile part of the work can run on its own and only uses the data you need for the mobile employee to do his work.

After mobile processing of orders, data, or whatever you want mobilized, the finished processed data is sent either back to your ERP system or to another relevant system.

Data transfer using paper or excel files is thus no longer necessary, which has the advantage of savi

The technical details

  1. A well-structured app makes everyday life easier for employees
  2. The app flow helps keep track of all the data needed to complete one
    order or other work process correctly.
  3. Native apps, Hybrid apps, Web apps will in many cases benefit your business processes.
  4. Better overview, less administration, more automation!

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