Get Leaner, Go Greener

More profit, less Co2, full control

Get leaner, Go greener

Solutionweb is the founder of the platform “Get Leaner, Go Greener,” which plays a crucial role in helping both small and large companies to optimize their logistics in the supply chain. We believe that our platform can not only improve companies’ bottom line but also make a positive difference to the environment by promoting a more sustainable approach to business operations.

“Get Leaner, Go Greener” helps companies achieve a win-win situation: increased profit while simultaneously reducing their CO2 footprint, by optimizing processes, reducing waste.

But why do we believe that our platform can deliver on the promise of more profit, less CO2 emission, and at the same time maintain full control over business processes? The answer lies in the concrete environmental benefits achieved by implementing Lean principles and green initiatives within the supply chain.

Efficiency and Productivity:
By helping companies optimize their business processes, the “Get Leaner” principles can lead to significantly improved efficiency and productivity. This translates into less waste of

  1. time
  2. resources
  3. energy

which is crucial for reducing environmental impact.
When companies operate more efficiently, they produce more with less, which means less energy and resource consumption per unit produced.

Cost Savings:
Efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. By minimizing waste and inefficiency in the supply chain, companies not only reduce their operating costs but also minimize negative environmental impact. Cost savings through “Get Leaner” principles mean less resource consumption, less waste, and a lesser burden on the environment.

Concrete platform advantages with environmental benefits:

  1. Optimized navigation to minimize fuel consumption and time.
  2. Optimal use of transport resources leads to fuel savings and time savings.
  3. Avoidance of unnecessary driving.
  4. More accurate information prevents unnecessary driving and wasting time.
  5. Reduction of wear on transport equipment.
  6. Less traffic load and noise.
  7. Flexibility to choose the most appropriate mode of transport (car, bicycle, scooter, e-bike, etc.).
  8. Inclusion of mobile employees in the business process saves time and reduces errors.
  9. Optimized communication reduces wasting time and errors.
  10. Digital document sharing improves efficiency and reduces time consumption.
  11. Digitization replaces paper and reduces paper consumption.
  12. Limiting paper consumption and avoiding errors that require corrections.
  13. Reduction of time and resource waste through data reuse.
  14. Reuse of data leads to time savings.
  15. Systematic data management reduces time consumption and errors.
  16. Optimized storage and quick identification using barcodes and scanners.
  17. Structured workflows enable greater recruitment opportunities.
  18. Efficient inventory management and documentation prevent errors and loss.

“We are very concerned about what happens to our climate right now. We want to contribute by making impact on the climate crises with our company. We believe that many companies can benefit from our software. The more companies use our platform the bigger our impact. So we are extremely driven to have as many company’s using our platform as possible.

We want to be able to look back in 10 years to observe that we did everything in our power to leave a greener footprint for future generations.”

Douwe Hoekstra & Jimmy Hansen, founders Get Leaner, Go Greener

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