Route Planning and Optimization

Is it the fastest, shortest, easiest or longest route that provides the most value?

With the right planning and optimization tools, this information is a few clicks away. We offer you route planning and optimization with many different functions, manual or automated, with support for map information. You can make decisions at any time based on the information you think makes the best sense in each case. Supported by powerful algorithms, you can easily work towards the most valuable optimization for your customer and your business and by mixing Order Cards and Fleet Positions, we have the opportunity to give you a great tool to make the best decisions in your business.

Route planning aims to maximize the level of information of all parties involved, while minimizing the cost of optimizing the routes.

This can e.g. be on an optimization of time, mileage or car load. Order data comes e.g. from web portal or ERP integration. This is followed by GEO coding to be able to visualize the locations where to pick up and or bring.

In the route planning system, it is possible to run several scenarios through, in order to optimize on the parameters that are desired.

Characteristics of EuroTMS route planning include: ease of use, can drive stand-alone, uses recognized algorithms, optimization of time, kilometers, weight, minimization of idling, optimization of driving time.

Furthermore, our ERP integrated Route Planning is so flexible and versatile that drivers, receivers and senders and not least administrations have the opportunity to use route data.

Additional features such as EuroTMS route planning can be extended with:

  1. CO2 calculation
  2. MAUT calculation
  3. ADR specific routes
  4. integrated driving rest time
  5. Environmental zones
  6. etc.

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