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The stra.com platform

The stra.com Platform is a new platform built on experiences since 1997. It is designed for and by Scandinavian and Benelux companies, offering simple and advanced digital features for:

  • OrderBooking
  • Planning
  • Mobile Employee Apps
  • ERP integrations
  • Business support solutions

We strive to deliver smarter work processes with a focus on sustainability and CO2 aspects.

For more information about the features and prices, you can visit the following links: https://solutionweb.dk/en/features/ and https://solutionweb.dk/en/pricing/.

Do you want to work more efficiently and environmentally friendly?
Get leaner, Go greener!
Start by saving a minimum of 1 hour per completed task.
What value does that represent for you?

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We offer to provide free transition to our platform.
And if you’ve already paid licensing fees, you can switch to our platform for free for up to 12 months.

Apply here!

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