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Optimize your company’s order handling in record time with the STRA.COM Platform! Our flexible Order Management platform is the key resource that transforms your paper- or other non effective processes into efficient digital ones.

We offer seamless integration with all ERP systems, instantly streamlining and accelerating your order processing. With advanced features such as CO2 accounting, fleet management, asset management, sensor monitoring (IoT), and more, you not only get smarter operations but also a more sustainable business.

With STRA.COM, you can:

✓ Reduce the time spent per order
✓ Gain a better overview of your logistics
✓ Significantly decrease administrative tasks
✓ Increase sustainability and contribute to a greener environment

Our user-friendly platform includes apps for drivers and mobile employees, that can make use of advanced tools such as navigation, camera, digital signature, barcode scanner, and more.

We understand the importance of a seamless start, so our solutions offer easy setup and risk-free implementation. With STRA.COM as your experienced and attentive partner, you not only gain full control but you also gain the opportunity to run a more profitable and environmentally conscious business.

Optimize your company, become more efficient, and go greener with STRA.COM – Get Leaner, Go Greener!

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