Fuel security

Fuel security

In a number of industries, fuel makes up a large part of operating costs!

We ensure

  • trucks
  • buses
  • vans
  • trailers
  • special vehicles
  • contractor equipment

When it comes to making small margins, fuel theft is the plague you want to avoid.

That is why we offer a number of solutions to ensure that your fuel remains yours.

More solutions against fuel theft

  • Anti Siphon insert for tank neck
  • Automatic detection of tank opening
  • Automatic tank closure
  • iOT fuel controller monitor
  • Shielding of fuel gauge
  • Drain plug security
  • Consumption monitoring based on fuel invoice

How quickly can the solution pay for itself?

Do you know how many liters of diesel you do not get kilometers out of?

Our invoice based system automatically calculates per car how far you drive per liter by calculating how many liters you buy from your fuel supplier, and on the other hand how many kilometers your cars drive, or how many liters they use per hour.

Fuel invoices can be easily mailed into the system. Kilometers per car can either be recorded manually or loaded automatically in different ways.

Thus, you can get concrete figures on how many kilometers you get per liter of purchased diesel, across your fleet.

Your advantages:

  • no more fuel theft
  • easy & quick installation
  • no tank modifications required
  • no glue, pop rivets, seals
  • total theft protection
  • 120 ltr / min refueling no problem
  • equipment can be dismantled again and the tank is again as original
    (only with special tools by approved technicians)
  • Fuel sensor protection with reinforcement
  • Drain plug replacement which can only be loosened with special tools

The questions you should consider

  1. What is the cost of stopping a transport due to tire failure?
  2. Do my tires help optimize my fuel consumption?
  3. Do I get the maximum number of kilometers out of my tires?
  4. Have I minimized the risk of tire dust to protect the environment?
  5. Do my tires drive most comfortably for the driver?
  6. Have I minimized the risk of consequential damage to my equipment due to tire vibrations?

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