What percentage of your building materials disappear?

Are you also missing 26% of your building materials? We can solve that!

A system that records both inbound and outbound flow of materials can be extremely beneficial in the construction process. Such a system allows for better control and monitoring of the construction materials, which can help minimize losses, delays and inefficiencies.

Better traceability and control!

An inbound outbound WMS system enables accurate traceability of materials throughout the process until they are delivered to the actual “Builder Bob”. It is possible to identify where materials come from, when they were received and how much has been ordered, how much has actually been delivered and what has been delivered. This creates transparency and ensures a better control of the building materials, and a de facto material track & trace, with the possibility to see through and document the flow of materials to the client.

Efficient inventory management

By recording the outgoing flow of materials, including delivery requisitions, picking and transport, the system can ensure a more structured and efficient process. This helps to avoid errors in the delivery of materials and ensures that they reach the right destinations at the right time. A well-tested work process and minimization of the possibility of error as well as an advanced inventory calculation process ensure efficiency in the warehouse.

Cost management

By having a system that records both the inbound and outbound flow of materials, the client can quantify the costs of building materials at any time. The system makes it possible to identify inaccuracies, errors or loss of materials, which can help reduce waste and unnecessary expenses. A more precise and effective control of the building materials thus contributes to better cost management in the construction project. Fast, easy and secure registration also prevents the loss and theft of building materials. Accurate recording of inbound and outbound flow of materials can help the system identify any abnormal or suspicious activities.

“Perhaps the easiest and most flexible platform to minimize building material loss!


Built on reality

This platform has been developed on the basis of real-life needs and challenges in the construction industry with a view to reducing the loss of building materials during construction. Through extensive process analysis over several years, the platform has been created as an independent and independent solution. It is designed to handle both inbound and outbound material flow in an easy, simple and fast way. With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, the platform ensures that construction projects can proceed with minimal waste of construction materials, resulting in financial savings and more sustainable construction practices.


Efficient submission of materials

The platform is designed to support an efficient submission process of building materials. Using an intuitive notification system, users can easily and quickly register and document the incoming materials with important information such as quantity, quality and specifications. When receiving the materials, the platform ensures smooth and accurate registration, where any deviations or damage can be reported. The information about the incoming materials is instantly updated in the system, giving all stakeholders the opportunity to get real-time data on inventory and availability.


Efficient delivery of materials

The platform also enables an efficient delivery process of building materials. By using an intuitive requisition function, users can easily and quickly request the necessary materials based on the needs of the project. These requisitions are processed quickly and accurately, ensuring that the correct materials are available for construction. Through the platform, the picking of the materials can be documented. Furthermore, the transport of the materials is carefully coordinated, either internally or in collaboration with external carriers. Traceability and documentation are guaranteed.

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