ULDradar.com with damage reporting

ULDradar.com with damage reporting.

Damage reporting is important in any context: asset management, or otherwise. Due to safety and financial reasons, it is crucial to identify and allocate responsibility for damages. ULDradar.com has incorporated such a feature, providing the opportunity to assign responsibility for damages and reduce damage costs.

Reduction of damage expenses

330 million USD is the annual cost of damages and losses within ULD management. We would like to address this amount as it presents a compelling business case for owners and the environment. The ULDradar.com app allows for the classification of ULDs as ‘damaged.’ This typically occurs upon receiving a ULD. The classification of ‘damaged’ indicates that the carrier or previous handlers should be aware of the damages.

Expense reduction occurs by actively monitoring the ‘damaged’ status. Those involved with ULDs are expected to exercise extra caution to ensure that equipment is handled correctly and delicately, thereby contributing to cost savings.

Allocation of responsibility

Allocation of responsibility and cost reduction are closely intertwined aspects. Through the ULDradar.com app, anyone can ensure the accurate status of a ULD. In the case of a classification as ‘damaged,’ this information can be traced back to previous carriers and handlers of the ULD. This allows for assigning any ‘damaged’ statuses to the responsible party in the logistics chain. Besides creating greater awareness of damages, this approach also enables regression models towards the responsible party, increasing the likelihood of compensation or coverage for repair expenses.


When a Unit Load Device (ULD) is marked as “damaged,” it poses a threat not only to itself but also to the people handling it, the equipment used to move it, and the aircraft transporting the “damaged” ULD. In addition to the significant economic costs associated with damages to equipment, handling gear, or even the aircraft itself, there is also an increased risk of a damaged ULD causing harm to personnel. Therefore, reporting “damaged” status is a crucial safety measure. Digitalization is not just a tool; it is a necessary strategy to remain relevant in the current and future economy. By embracing technological advancements, companies strengthen not only their safety measures but also position themselves as first movers in their industry.

ULDradar.com: Innovating in Air Freight Management

ULDradar.com represents an innovative approach to the management and optimization of assets within the air freight industry. With a focus on advanced technology and digitization, ULDradar provides a comprehensive asset management solution enabling precise monitoring and reporting of Unit Load Devices (ULDs). Through precise processes and technology, ULDradar.com contributes to reducing risks, improving operational efficiency, and minimizing maintenance costs. This innovative approach is not just a tool for operational optimization but also a crucial factor in achieving higher safety standards in air transport. ULDradar.com positions itself as a key player in the transformation of the air freight industry by combining advanced technologies, secure data sharing, and targeted asset management to achieve more efficient, sustainable, secure, and profitable air freight asset management.

Your solution for: economic losses, data insecurity, operational inefficiencies, sustainability!



Data Sharing

Data sharing plays a crucial role in ULD Asset Management by promoting efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability in the air freight industry. Through real-time sharing of ULD information, stakeholders can immediately make decisions regarding allocation, maintenance, and resource optimization. This transparent exchange of information minimizes the risk of errors, misunderstandings, and unnecessary downtime, resulting in a more cost-effective and operationally streamlined ULD handling.



Globally updated data, always accessible 24/7/365 for all stakeholders in your business. This supports and enables better decision-making regarding allocation, maintenance, and process optimization.


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