SMS Vs. Email – 5 good reasons

SMS-Text messages still offer good opportunities in business communication.
In addition to the very direct and fast access to the recipient, Online solutions can minimize the time you spend writing the messages and sending to many recipients at the same time.

    1. Open Rate
      The average open rate for text message marketing campaigns is 98%, compared to just up to 20% open rate from an email marketing campaign.
      An average person responds to a text message within 90 seconds compared to 90 minutes for an email
    2. Deliverability
      Since SMS marketing requires the customer to either sign up or off, your list consists of only engaged customers.With statistics like 49% of all email marked as spam, you already have to work a lot harder to even get your message into your audience’s inbox.In addition, a person working in an office receives over 120 emails a day, with the average millennium only receiving 67 text messages each day.
    3. Cost
      The cost of sending a text message varies from country to country, the length of the message and the number of messages sent, in total it costs more than one email.
    4. SMS open rates
      5x higher than email.
    5. Response
      On SMS, the average response is 90 seconds.
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