Order management software

Order management software

The use of order management software has many advantages. By properly managing your orders, you provide more overview and clarity within your company. You get the space to focus on things that really matter. And that is often not the administration! So are you looking for good order management software? Let SolutionWeb OrderBooking help you.

Why order management software?

It is important to answer the question why you should use order management software. The answer is simple: you always have an up-to-date overview of your orders. More and more organizations are generating a large amount of data. By combining this data and linking systems with each other, you ensure a major competitive advantage. Not only are many functions automated, your orders are also neatly administratively processed.

Order overview for customers

Not only does the software create more overview within your company. By integrating track and trace, you also give your customers insight into where orders are. With the help of our applications you make track and trace order information available online. This can be done, for example, with a web portal in your house style, or via push notifications via SMS or e-mail.

For whom is order management software relevant?

Order management is interesting for companies that have to deal with many orders that they have to transport from point A to B. At SolutionWeb we see that a number of sectors benefit greatly from a good order management application. You can think of companies in the agricultural sector, industry, logistik, transport or who provide services on locations.

Order statuses

An important part of order management software is of course the creation of orders. After that, each order follows a specific route. With the help of our solution you always have an overview of statuses within order management. You can then think of:

Planned orders

Which orders still need to be produced? This status gives you an overview of (the pressure on) your production process.

Current orders

Which orders have already been produced and are ready to be shipped to your customers? You use this information to shape your logistics processes.

Shipped orders

This part of the software gives you an overview of orders that are on their way to your customers.

  • Tip: combine geocoding always navigate to your destination location in the best way!

Unbilled orders

These are orders that have reached their destination, but have not yet been invoiced. Order management software can inform your administration of this.

How does order management software work?

You can set up order improvement software completely on your business processes. You basically go through the following steps. For example, you can record which (partial) orders there are in a central system. Then you give each order a status (which you have thought out in advance). You then make this information available in a central dashboard so that you always know the status of your order process!

The result? More overview in the entire order management process, both for you and for your customers!

Manage orders on the go?

Did you know that you can also provide your logistics department with a mobile employee app? This app consists of several features including mobile time tracking, barcode scanning and navigation. And not unimportant: the app contains various tools related to order management!

OrderBooking from SolutionWeb

SolutionWeb’s order management software rests on three important pillars. With the following points in mind, we have programmed every line of code of our tools:

  • Better overview;
  • More automation;
  • Less administration!

Order management software – get in touch

Our company’s roots are in Denmark, but we have a strong foothold in the Netherlands. Our CCO & Partner, Douwe Hoekstra, is your point of contact in the field of apps, tracking and integrations. We invite you to contact us without obligation about our order management software!

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