Include your mobile employees digitally in your business, use APPs!

Include your mobile employees digitally in your business, use APPs!

It pays off. Plant service, sewage, gutter cleaners, garden service, container transport, machine transport, transport and assembly service, there are many industries that could benefit from a mobile employee app. If you have something that works, get inspired; if you have none or a solution that DOESN’T work, you can try our app risk-free.

Digital reporting and documentation

A mobile employee app aims to eliminate all paper in your company’s processes. The mobile employee avoids writing, no longer needs to keep track of notes, and can be more effectively managed in task execution. The office is relieved from collecting (!), reading, deciphering, entering, waiting for, and verifying paper reporting. Experience shows that the use of apps ensures error prevention, speeds up invoicing, minimizes mistakes—elements that benefit your business. If transparency or a common way to communicate with customers through a customer portal is desired, it can be a very good idea to also use image documentation. This way, you can document before and after, photograph documents, and record work situations, such as blocking access to the workplace. Task-specific time registrations can be used for either invoicing work hours or internal information for post-contract and agreement checks. Try it yourself, it’s non-binding and risk-free.

Easier for employees

On the mobile side, you “risk” having happier employees. Digital support means an easier daily routine for mobile employees. All information is found and recorded in one place, no scraps of paper to write on, and no need for the employee to remember to submit them. The app serves as a guide for the work process and supports the mobile employee in completing tasks according to the company’s guidelines. We use a fair number of icons in our apps; this is not only more pleasant to look at than a lot of text but is primarily intended for employees who may not be super enthusiastic about reading and writing, making it easier for them to navigate through the app and their work.

Increased Invoicing

A mobile employee app also has an important administrative advantage. When the mobile employee completes a task digitally through the app, it is directly accessible in the office. If there is no automatic procedure set up, an administrative employee can take on the task and invoice it. In the mobile employee app, there is also the option to add a lot of data regarding a task. In addition to image documentation, it is easy to register how long one has worked on a task, what additional products, for example, have been supplied to the customer; all of this can be invoiced directly. No time, no delivered products are forgotten, as long as they are noted in the app.

Process Control = Happier Customers

A mobile employee app ensures that you gain control over the work processes in your business. When this happens digitally, you have access to a wealth of data and knowledge that you can make decisions based on. Even more important is sharing data and knowledge with customers. Bad news is better than no news! If the company has decided to share knowledge with customers, this can be done through a customer portal. For the customer, it becomes easier to find information on their own. This relieves the company, and the easy access to data also ensures that the customer evaluates the collaboration on more than just price. The use of the app and the associated customer portal ensures that you can show your customers that you have control, ensuring a happy customer.


Improved Quality Control

Mobile employee apps enable the collection of real-time data on work tasks, enhancing quality control and identifying potential issues.


Employee motivation

The use of technology and modern work tools can increase employees’ motivation and engagement by providing them with resources that facilitate their work.


Get Leaner, Go Greener!

Solutionwebs’ goal is to motivate and support companies in their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint while optimizing their operations. We believe that it is possible to achieve economic growth while considering the planet, and we are dedicated to supporting companies on this important journey toward a more sustainable future.

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