Fleet Management – Tracking

Fleet Management or Tracking is your foundation for making good business decisions.

The solution we offer you is based on an advanced web-based platform for visualizing your fleet, including live tracking, history, eco-drive, reports and many other features that support decision making and administrative completion of orders.

A GPS log on vehicles can be used to inform customers when they have actually been with them. In the event of a discussion of whether a vehicle has caused an alleged damage, a GPS log will also be able to substantiate one’s claims. It also means that any discussions about who was where and when (or was not) can be quickly and effectively controlled and documented.

GPS tracking the smart way

For example, we collect GPS data from the devices you already use today, or the devices we supply to you, and thus use that data to control and document workflows. Existing GPS units can be from a cooling system from ThermoKing fex. or a fleet management system from Transics, Carrierweb, Volvo Dynafleet, Man Telematics, Scania c200 etc. or a mixture of systems.

On the interactive map with positions, with mouseover, things such as date, time, speed, car ID, route number, temperatures, number of orders for cars etc. can be displayed. This information can also be shared with customers who themselves want to know how far their delivery is. Our Fleet Triptracker solution makes it possible to translate this GPS data into reports for various documentation.

Regardless of how we build the solution for you, the following elements can be used for technical fleet optimization:

  • Diesel Monitor – consumption and theft
  • Tire management
  • ARTD: Automatic Remote Tacho Download
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Proactive service: Monitoring via canbus / fms for service planning
  • Door and cargo hold securing
  • Vehicle access with code
  • EcoDriving

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