Fleet Management for Electric Vehicles (EV)

Electric vehicle (EV) features are now part of the standard Fleet Management Platform.

Fleet management with extra focus on electric vehicles (EV) has now been integrated into our platform. Get Leaner, Go Greener just took another step up. 🙂

A new status “Charging” has been added to the overview.

The Fleet Management Platform now includes an additional status: “charging” in english. This is crucial information, along with the amount charged, for assessing when the vehicle will be ready to roll again. The platform clearly indicates which vehicles are charged and ready for use, enabling a more efficient and accessible fleet.

New tab with Charging Details

Here, you can review all of the vehicle’s charging activities and see how much energy has been charged. This feature provides you with a detailed insight into how the vehicle is being charged, when it occurs, and how much energy is being added to the battery. This is valuable information that can help optimize charging routines and plan trips more efficiently.

Charging Activity Displayed on Map

When looking at the map, you will now be able to see markers for the locations where charging events have taken place. If you click on a charging station, an information box will appear with all the crucial details about the charging session. This includes information like charge level, time of charging, and any notes. This feature makes it incredibly easy to get a quick overview of the charging history for each vehicle. It can be crucial for keeping track of where and when your vehicles have been charged and ensuring they are ready for use when needed.

Energy Consumption Added to History

Two new EV metrics, namely the consumed energy and average consumption, have been added. These provide you with a detailed insight into how much energy each vehicle has consumed during its trips. With information on the total energy consumption and the average consumption rate, you can better assess the vehicle’s efficiency and find ways to optimize its energy consumption. This is crucial information that can help make informed decisions about fleet optimization and fuel efficiency.

Revolutionary: Electrification Integrated into One Fleet Management Platform!


Trip Expanded with Charging Status and Consumption

The expanded Trip feature now allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the performance of your electric vehicles. With the addition of charging status and consumption data, you can now track every aspect of your trips with precision and accuracy. This enables you to optimize routes, plan charges more efficiently, and maximize energy efficiency for your fleet of electric vehicles.


New Charging Report

This feature now provides users with a comprehensive insight into the energy consumption of electric vehicles within a specified time frame. The report offers both a summarized overview and a detailed list of charges, giving a holistic picture of the use of electric vehicles.


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