Digital transport documents (DocScans)

Digital transport documents (DocScans)

Good documentation is of great importance when transporting goods. More and more companies are switching from paper to digital transport documents (DocScans). DocScans from SolutionWeb is the solution that allows your mobile employees to easily keep track of their documentation. Our user-friendly app is simple and ensures less administration and more overview.

Documents from mobile workers

The mobile employees in your fleet are on the road a lot and busy with their work. Make sure you don’t burden them extra with a lot of paper administration. With the help of DocScans, your employees collect documents or waybills. It is also possible to take photos of delivery situations. Everything is centrally stored in the cloud, so you always have access to the right data.

Sharing digital transport documents

All data we work with is easy to share and read. It is also possible to link the documentation to accounting systems. That way you always have the right data available and you have the overview to make the right decisions within your business operations. It is also possible to send documents. For example, does a driver need a document upon delivery? You press the button once and the document is sent.

Save with digital transport documents (DocScans)

Nobody likes unnecessary administration, especially if it’s messy. Did you know that searching for data and documents can take up to 2 hours per day per employee? Choose efficiency and savings, choose DocScans from SolutionWeb! By processing digital documents in such a way, they are easily found. This makes it easy to make them available to the right people!

Structured digital records with or without AI

You can choose to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the documentation of digital documents. By using this, you can quickly find the contact, order, route or vehicle. The smart AI software ensures that your documents are read better and better. This results in further processing of this data, which means that you automate more and spend time on administration.

Digitale transportdocumenten via cloud

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