Boring, boring, boring, that’s why we’ve automated CO2 reporting!

Boring, boring, boring, that’s why we’ve automated CO2 reporting!

The transport and logistics industry is burdened with more and more rules and requirements!  We find this a sad development. That’s why we automate what we can, so you can focus on what you’re good at: making more money and minimizing your environmental impact. ‘Get Leaner, Go Greener,’ as we call it, can definitely go hand in hand.”

Automatic CO2 Calculation and Optimization According to ISO Standard

The platform provides a range of (automated) tools to minimize the administrative burden, not only in terms of transportation and logistics, but also in relation to required reporting. Whether it’s current or future requirements, we advocate for reusing data and automating processes where possible. The structure of the platform ensures, among other things, CO2 calculation according to the ISO 14083 standard, which is the de facto standard in the field. Route optimization tools also offer an opportunity to minimize values and provide documentation to customers and authorities.

More Profit, Less CO2

Get leaner, go greener. Streamlining workflows, in our experience, not only impacts the company’s profitability but can also be beneficially linked to minimizing CO2 emissions. Digitizing workflows reduces paper usage; route optimization ensures fuel consumption is minimized; Tetris Loader guarantees maximum utilization of freight capacity; fleet management ensures intelligent transport management in the face of traffic challenges and return transports; digital systems reduce careless employee behavior such as idling, extreme acceleration, and braking; the use of IoT sensors can automate workflows, for example, by monitoring fill levels, automatically ensuring the collection of containers, for example. Digitalization and process optimization can therefore lead to increased profitability, especially within the transportation and logistics systems, providing better control over CO2 consumption.

Full control

Although the platform automates many processes, the goal is to ensure full control over the data you work with. Full control also means understanding the data so that you always know what you’re dealing with and how best to handle it. The platform ensures an intuitive and logical approach to data processing and utilization (for most). Control is ensured by incorporating both theory and customer experiences into the platform. Data sharing with other systems used as ERP systems, customer portals, or others is also part of having full control over your own data.

Compliance with Legislation and Standards

The transportation and logistics industry is burdened with more and more rules and requirements. We find this to be a tedious development, which is why we automate the processes and reporting that we can, so that the company can focus on what it’s good at: earning more money and minimizing its environmental impact. ‘Get Leaner, Go Greener,’ as we call it, can go hand in hand quite well.

Reusing data remains a primary source of workflow optimization!”


Competitive Advantage and Differentiation

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a distinguishing factor in the market. Transport and logistics companies that can document their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions can gain a competitive advantage and attract customers seeking eco-friendly solutions. Furthermore, we assert that CO2 optimization ensures better profitability for the company itself.


Efficient Resource Utilization

By monitoring CO2 consumption, companies can identify areas where improvements can be made. This can lead to more efficient use of resources and cost reduction. In addition to presenting a greener image to customers, reduced costs also translate into increased earnings potential


Get Leaner, Go Greener!

Solutionwebs’ goal is to motivate and support companies in their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint while optimizing their operations. We believe it’s possible to achieve economic growth while considering the planet, and we are dedicated to supporting companies in this important journey towards a more sustainable future.

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