ULD asset management system

ULD Asset management is about managing Unit Load Devices. How does a ULD asset management system work and how do you use software to your advantage? How does the software work and what are important features? Find out here!

What does ULD mean?

ULD is the abbreviation for “Unit Load Device. In other words; the packaging of a shipment. ULDs are mostly used in aviation. They are, for example, specially adapted containers or pallets in order to transport as efficiently as possible. A regular container used in road transport does not have the optimal shape to make the best use of the space in a cargo plane.

What is ULD asset management?

Now that you know about a ULD, you may also understand asset management a little better. Asset management is the management of assets. So if we put everything together, ULD asset management means managing ULDs (assets). It is a system to manage ULDs.

One of its main features is that you can see where the ULDs are anytime, anywhere. Through the software you get real-time updates of where the containers or pallets are. Those movements have consequences for the stock. The software keeps accurate track of that as well. Updates and information are used by the system to continuously update stock and keep it up-to-date.

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Where do you use this system?

Earlier in this blog, you’ve seen aviation come up. The airport is an example of a place where ULD asset management can be put to good use. After all, the airport has a lot of logistics traffic. The ‘logistics hotspots’ are the places where a ULD asset management could bring many benefits.

Why is ULD asset management useful for a company?

It is good to answer this question, because there are a lot of arguments why ULD asset management is useful for a company. Not only because of the accurate information and up-to-date inventory, but also because of the increased efficiency and improved performance after the implementation of such a system.


Increased efficiency

With a ULD asset management system, you get more efficiency. That’s because of the high level of automation. You are aware of the location and status of the ULDs 24/7. That makes for optimized business processes, because in case of problems, for example, you can act immediately and in a solution-oriented way. After all, you know where the problem is and what solutions the stock has to offer!


Better performance

And that comes, for example, from being able to use staff efficiently. Staff who are no longer engaged in extensive communication to map out the location of an item. And checking the stock very regularly is also a thing of the past. In this way, an organization can deploy its valuable personnel to the places where they are really needed.

The benefits of ULD asset management

We’ll end this blog by listing the benefits. There are a lot of benefits, but a ULD asset management system results in, among other things:

  • accurate and real-time ULD track and trace of the location of ULDs
  • More efficient operations and smooth business processes
  • Accurate knowledge about your organization’s inventory

Assets management via SolutionWeb

Are you curious about what ULD asset management can do for your organization? Then don’t hesitate, and contact the enthusiastic team at SolutionWeb. We are always ready to discuss the possibilities.

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