What is a Transportation Management System?

Software is playing a central role in more and more organizations. Companies like to take advantage of technological opportunities to make their business a little better or more efficient. For logistics companies, a Transport Management System (TMS) is an example of potentially valuable software. Therefore, in this blog we explain how a TMS can be of added value for your company. Curious how that works? Then read on!

How does a Transport Management System work?

SolutionWeb’s Transport Management System, EuroTMS, helps you plan, execute and optimize transportation – that is, the movement of goods from point A to point B. A Transport Management System (TMS) is a piece of software that contains functionalities you can’t ignore…. We’ll tell you more about that later.

How can a Transport Management System add value to a company?

A Transportation Management System can play an important role in the execution of business activities. The system is crucial for the smooth running of the so-called supply chain. It can add value in many ways for your transport or logistics company. A TMS assists with the following aspects of transportation:

    • <Planning


    • <Execution


The good news is that a TMS can add value in all three areas. When it comes to planning, you can think about automatically selecting the best mode and route of transportation. The workings of our system lie in geocoding, an incredibly accurate way of navigating.


A Transport Management System is also very useful when performing transport. For example, it is possible for the software to automatically document shipments or facilitate simple communication between parties.


Optimization is possible through the analysis function of a TMS. Reports, statistics and dashboards map out where improvements can be made. They are actionable data that might not otherwise be known. Effective improvements can be implemented with the insights obtained through the software. Think, for example, of visibility into driving and rest times so you can avoid fines. The fleet management functions add tremendous value.

What are the benefits of a Transport Management System?

In addition to the general TMS functionalities in the areas of planning, execution and optimization, there are a number of practical benefits. Benefits that go hand in hand with the arrival of a Transport Management System. Among them, you can think of:

  • More efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • New insights

More efficiency

A TMS is an all-in-one platform. Everything is visible at a glance, and that makes working efficiently easier. The software also takes over tasks that previously had to be done manually. Think, for example, of administration tasks such as the documentation of goods transport. The TMS automates complicated administrative processes and saves you valuable hours. Another example of increased efficiency is that it makes communication easier. Not only internal communication with drivers, but also towards customers via an own customer portal!

Lower costs

Less cost is something that is strongly related to more efficiency. Everyone understands that with less administrative work, fewer people are needed. You can then use the savings in personnel costs in places where they are most needed. But also the best routes of transport and the automated transport documentation leads to fewer costs for the company. When you take stock, you will find that investing in transportation management software can be an attractive investment.

New insights

To compete in this world, new insights are priceless. A TMS makes transportation insightful. What is going well? And even more important: what can be improved? The system provides insights that are of great value to any transporter. Each point of improvement is an advantage for the future of the business processes. The more insights, the more improvements. And the more improvements that are implemented, the better your business will perform.

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