Tire optimization

Tire optimization 3-95%

Save money and do the environment a favor. Ride-On Gel has a long history of puncture protection, selfbalancing during the tire lifetime, keeping tires temperature low, and minimized downtime due to tireissues. With Ride-On Gel you eliminate 95% of  downtime due to tires, you can drive 25% further resulting in less waste, and you can reduce fuel consumtion with up to 3% …
10% savings of fuel/Co2/costs can be obtained by choosing the correct tire type according to your driving patterns. Our advanced algorithms using your fleet data help us to do so. 

Your advantages when you use Ride-on Gel

  • Automatic patching of tires
  • Sustains correct tire pressure
  • Cuts fuel consumption
  • Lasting balancing in all of the tires lifetime (no shakings)
  • Upclassification of the tires energy label
  • Save up to 11.000,- per lorry, per year (after purchase and filling)
  • No goo at disassembly (see video)
  • Minimize risk of damages from piercings during construction driving
  • A safer ride

Numbers in relation to Ride-On Gel

By using Ride-On Gel the tires porosity is minimized, så that the tire sustains the right pressure. This means a better fuel økonomi of 3%.

Tires supplied with Ride-On Gel sustains correct pressure up to 500% better that tires without Ride-On Gel.

The lifetime of your tires increases with 25% because of the correct pressure, better balancing and lower working temperature.

Bring down downtime caused by tires with 95% using Ride-On’s autopatching function and never again stall because of exploded, punctured or other tireproblems.

40 seconds
It takes 40 seconds to fill a truck-tire with Ride-On.

11-6,4 mm
Punctures up to 11 mm are automatically repaired on lappes helt Agro & Industrial tires.
Punctures up to 6,4 mm are repaired om Truck / Lorry, car, trailer and caravan tires.


Constant tirepressure is highly important in relation to the use of tires.

10% underpressure means 3% more fuel consumption.
25% of all truck- and bustires need more than 10% pressure.
Use of Ride-On not only saves you money, but also spares the environment for an unnecessary burden.

Fine dust is a growing problem. No matter which type of vehicle you drive, it produces fine dust. The worse tirepressure you have, the more fine dust and therefore environmental burden.

Tires in optimal condition with Ride-On drives more kilometers. 25% longer lifetime. Ride-On therefore holds a great significance in how much waste we produce.

Ride-On is TPMS friendly and is the only product which has been approved for use with TPMS sensors.

Ride-On is not environmentally hazardous and can be delivered back to us upon agreement.

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“Automatic patching and balancing of tires and prolonged lifetime! Good for the environment and the business.


National partners

– we still do not have, but we are working on an expansion of the network. Contact us if you would like to serve customers in your area or know someone you thing could make a good candidate. We give a finders fee.
You can purchase directly on: Ride-On Shop Nordics



Ride-On exists in all categories: Trucks, Busses, Passenger cars, Vans, Agro & Industri, Bikes, Scooters, Motorcycles, Trailers and Campers.
You can purchase directly on: Ride-On Shop Nordics


Do it yourself

If you have your own workshop and would like to fill-on Ride-on yourself, this is also an option. Contact us for further agreements.
You can purchase directly on: Ride-On Shop Nordics

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