Jimmy Hansen

Mail jh@solutionweb.dk  Phone (+45) 70 20 03 65

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Generel information

Jimmy Hansen

Partner & CTO

Entrepreneur since 1998

Business Academy Copenhagen North


Work experience

  • Valtech DK A/S
  • 3Logic A/S


  • Family
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Building projects
  • Garden
  • Red wine

Jimmy Hansen

With solid technical wisdom and experience, he ensures that the solutions for our customers are stable and secure and most of all well thought through, and deliver value to our customers’ business.

A bit about me
I appreciate honesty & good relationships to the people I work with. It provides the best basis for creating the right solution that offers the most value.

As responsible for our production, I take pride in everyone in our team understanding our customers and their individual needs. I break down complex issues in such a way that everyone can understand, our team, partners, and off course the customers themselves.

The most important thing for me is that the service is good and that the customer gets what has been agreed upon. I have always been involved in development and administration. With my number crunching skills, I can always make numbers make sense.

I have a great passion for creating comprehensive solutions that form the basis for optimizing the customer’s business.

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