Harry Potter Routeplanner?

Do you use AI and other smart tools for your magic wand routeplanning? Or are you still searching for your own Harry Potter Planner?

We have created the Magic Harry Potter Wand for routeplanning embedded in the stra.com platform. Better routes and a simpler way to get well planned and optimised routes will be hard to find.

Operational gains!

Efficiency: unparalleled ease of use, shortest and most effective routes, fast operation and calculation.
Savings: employee time enabling a faster way to an optimised result. Optimized routes also reduce fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, and other operational costs.
Customer satisfaction: Timely deliveries or arrivals improve customer satisfaction. An optimized route planner helps ensure that services are provided promptly, enhancing the customer experience.

Total control

The ruteplanner and optimizer in the stra.com platform is no magic though 🙂 We give you access through simple buttons to an advanced engine room in which we have intelligently built together current top notch bits and pieces to make “complex” into “simple”.
In other words we strive to give you control instantly.

Sustainability – Get Leaner, Go Greener

Route planning and optimization are crucial for making transportation more eco-friendly. They help cut down on the pollution caused by travel. This is really important today because we want to take better care of our environment. By planning routes carefully, using less fuel, and driving shorter distances, companies can greatly reduce harmful emissions.

Good route planning and optimization make better use of resources, which is a big part of being sustainable. When routes are streamlined, vehicles spend less time on the road. This means they use less fuel and don’t get as worn out. This saves money and preserves important natural resources. As companies work to lessen their impact on the environment and show they care about sustainability, using smart route planning and optimization becomes a crucial strategy for a greener future.

Scenario consequences precalculation

This feature allows for the anticipation of potential scenarios and their consequences before they occur. It helps in identifying and mitigating risks associated with a planned route, ensuring safer journeys.
By precalculating scenario consequences, users can make informed decisions in advance. They can choose the safest and most efficient routes while considering factors like weather conditions, traffic, or potential hazards.
Scenario precalculation can also factor in environmental impacts, such as emissions reduction strategies or avoidance of ecologically sensitive areas.

Total control constantly: weight, m3, length, time, kilometres, Co2


Multi-Stop Routing

efficiently plan routes with multiple stops, ensuring an organized and time-effective itinerary for deliveries, service calls, or visits.



Digital route planners can be accessed on various devices, including smartphones and tablets, providing flexibility for users who need to plan routes while on the move.


Visual map based support – constantly

Maps provide an intuitive and easy-to-understand visual representation of locations and routes. This makes it simple for users to grasp information at a glance, reducing the need for extensive explanations.

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