GPS Jamming: Dangers and Consequences for Transportation and Logistics

GPS Jamming: Dangers and Consequences for Transportation and Logistics

The Israelis do it, the Russians do it, criminals do it. The use of GPS Jamming and Spoofing in Ukraine and Gaza has significant implications for electronic weapon systems. What impact does GPS Jamming have on transportation and logistics? And what solutions are available?

Do you use GPS positioning in your company? Securing through localization is no longer enough.

In transportation and logistics, a lot of work is being done on GPS localization to obtain better data for better decision-making and to minimize expenses. However, GPS localization is also a security factor in connection with theft protection of equipment and goods. Prevention is best, which is why there are many initiatives to reduce the risk of assaults and theft. Regardless, it is important to have knowledge about the pros and cons of the individual solutions. Afterward, we shed light on the issues we observe. Contact us if you want to discuss your specific situation in complete confidentiality.

Security at Risk

Systems used for business operations, such as fleet management, are sensitive to GPS jamming. If someone is after your high-value goods, transport equipment, or fuel, a simple GPS jammer costing a few bucks can mean that the vehicle and/or the cargo disappear from your digital map, giving criminals free rein to take control. Additionally, this means that operational resources cannot be used and the driver may be in danger.

Service Outage

Challenges with fleet management systems can have significant consequences for company operations. This can affect delivery planning, route optimization, and time management to a serious extent. Inaccurate localization can make it difficult to coordinate and lead the fleet effectively, resulting in delays and difficulties in anticipating traffic or other obstacles. Additionally, employees and fleet operators may spend unnecessary time and resources manually finding routes and addresses, leading to both reduced productivity and increased costs. Finally, lacking precision in GPS localization can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction, especially if delivery times cannot be met as a result.

Vrachtwagen op weg voorzien van tracking software


Diversification of Signal Sources, Anti-Jamming Technology, Encryption and Authentication, Physical Equipment Security, Redundant Systems, Monitoring and Warning Systems, Education and Awareness.
First and foremost, it’s important to choose the safest route from A to B. There are many planning solutions that make it possible to bypass problematic stretches and parking/rest areas.
GPS jammers usually operate on the assumption that there is technical communication through the GSM network; no GSM network means no communication and no point on the map. This can be ensured by using additional trackers which, due to their technology, are much harder, if not impossible, to jam. Therefore, redundancy and other technology can significantly increase security. We are happy to discuss other solutions relevant to your specific challenges in complete confidentiality. Please contact us.

Where are you when your GPS solution is out of order due to a criminal with the following in their pocket?

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Multiple Signal Sources

When limiting oneself to only one navigation source like GPS, one is vulnerable to any errors or disruptions that may affect this system. This can lead to potential challenges, especially in situations where precision and reliability are crucial. Therefore, it is wise to implement multi-constellation receivers that are capable of receiving signals from multiple satellite systems simultaneously. This creates an additional security measure, as one is not dependent on a single source.



By integrating redundant systems, companies achieve a much higher level of reliability and robustness in their navigation solution. This provides an additional safety buffer that can come into play in case of unexpected disruptions or lack of access to GPS signals. Overall, this diversification of technologies and systems enhances the company’s ability to maintain effective and precise navigation functions under varying conditions.


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