Driving time & tachograph

Your tachograph solution made by independent specialists with solid experience

All our experience since we launched our own collection, archiving and reporting tool in 2007 is at your disposal to ensure you the best possible result in a possible company audit.

In addition to good prices, compared to other providers, it is possible to expand our Automatic Remote Tacho Download (ARTD) solution with a unique fleet management solution for only a modest amount per vehicle extra per month, so you get access to a complete Fleet Management system used by large and small, known and less unknown.

  • Better overview
    We ensure that you quickly have the complete overview of what the status of your driving rest time is.
  • Less administration
    We ensure that your administration of your driving rest time is minimal, and meets the requirements of the law.
  • More automation
    We recommend automating what can be automated: collection with ARTD, self-monitoring with Auto Reports.
    If you also want assistance with communication with the authorities, we are happy to help.
  • Relieves the statutory administrative burden
  • Complies with applicable law
  • Covers the entire spectrum, from manual – & gt; fully automatic
  • Make it easier for you to be a haulier because we
  • Minimizes fine risk
  • Facilitates manual processes that cost or are forgotten.
  • We collect, store and report
  • Solid and robust solution – 99.99% uptime
  • Stable operation – has proven its worth for many years.
  • Daily trust from many national and international users
  • Data Security
  • all files are signed / encrypted and located in the EU (Denmark)
  • One unified system across car brands
  • Daily driver data download (many do so only every 21 days)
  • Daily tachograph download (many do it every 2 months)
  • SMS and email notifications – automatic
  • Free SMS (others cost money)
  • The system is praised for its easy and intuitive operation
  • We only show deviations for the user.
  • You do not drown in false reporting
  • We are cost effective – in some cases up to 12x cheaper than our competitors
  • Avoid unloading stations = wasted time / uncertainty / risk
  • We are independent of organizations and car brands
  • Free choice of advisor / lawyer – & gt;
  • Our most important task is for the haulier to collect data and have the best possible data foundation. Then case management is up to a number of specialized professionals (lawyers, advisers, associations, etc.) who we are happy to point out, if necessary.
  • Danish support
  • Danish developed
  • Many integration options
  • Become self-driving: automate what you want and do only what we ask of you via SMS and Email. (SMS & Email included in the prices.)
  • Great support in many languages.
  • Collection, Storage and Insight into tachograph data
  • Fitter Network

A selection of the technical details

  1. You will receive automatic reports
  2. Use your existing download equipment
  3. Automatic Remote Tacho Download (ARTD) every day
  4. Integration with all fleet systems
  5. Ready for the latest tachographs, including generation 2
  6. For heavy and light (commercial) vehicles

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