DocScans – digital document management

How can DocScans help you?

Need a document for a mobile co-worker?
With the click of a button you can dispatch it.

Do you collect documents, shipping letters, pictures of delivery situations, documents through your mobile employees?
Through our easy App, this can happen right away.

Structured digital documents with or without AI & robotics

Searching for data and documents can take up to two hours per day per employee. Therefore, it is a good idea to handle digital documents in a way so they can easily be found and possibly passed on.

Do you know if the information sought for relates to a contact, an order, a route, a vehicle? Then they are easy to find.
Sharing documents becomes easier, linking to bookkeeping systems is also possible.

AI ensures that your documents can be read and that we automate further processing of this data with less administration as a result.


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