Preventing tire blowout & auto balance

Prevent and repair a flat truck tire

A blowout on a truck can have disastrous consequences. Not only is road safety at risk, this standstill also causes many accumulating costs. Preventing a blowout on trucks is therefore of great importance. By treating truck tires with ride-on gel, you can partially prevent blowouts and repair them immediately. The gel seals punctures up to 6.4 millimeters in diameter.

Broken truck tires

Tires are the contact between your vehicle and the road. It makes sense that if they break you’re in big trouble. Did you know that 25% of all unplanned downtime in transport is due to broken tires? And did you know that 90% of tire failures are due to slowly leaking tyres? By using Ride-on gel you prevent broken truck tires. Through proven technology that is also used in military vehicles, holes up to 6.4 millimeters in diameter are automatically closed. This happens in seconds, so you experience a minimal loss of tire pressure. The hole is therefore automatically closed by the Ride On Gel. Without life-threatening situations where the safety of road users is at stake.

Treat tires with Ride-On gel

How does the Ride-On Gel treatment work? The big advantage of the gel is that you can process the tires within one minute each. The material is injected into the belt, after which the centrifugal roller of the belt itself does its job and spreads it. As an added benefit, the tire balances itself throughout its life.

Slowly deflating truck tires

Truck tires can deflate slowly, especially when driving many kilometers and when there are heavy loads. By briefly treating each tire with the gel, these holes are automatically closed. So you avoid having to use roadside assistance when it’s too late!

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Conclusion – prevent and repair truck blowout

It is clear that you want to prevent a tire blowout on a truck and repair it as quickly as possible. For more certainty and more safety, choose to treat the tires with the Ride-on Tire gel. This way you can prevent flat tires. Do you want to know more about tire optimization? Feel free to contact our specialist Douwe Hoekstra for a non-binding introduction via +31) (0)85-2735700

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