We know that there are some completely unique challenges in the industry and we have solved them

Apps & Applications

Provides a better overview of and to those out in the field, and integrates mobile employees directly into the business workflow.

  • Better documentation – no discussion
  • Easier and faster administration
  • Time and error saving integrations
  • Happier customers
  • Operational savings


Tracking and control of vehicles, equipment, sensors and data provides a better basis for decision making based on here and now and historical data.

  • Greater operational overview and security
  • Less stress gives better results
  • Better Production
  • Better customer dialogue strengthens the relationship
  • Operational savings

System coding

Workflows often make use of multiple systems at once. We make the systems talk to each other so that they appear as one in the work process.

  • Time and error saving integrations
  • Better customer dialogue strengthens the relationship
  • Smarter processes – make employees happier
  • Operational savings

No small print

All the services we offer can be started when it suits you best.
Subscriptions generally have a minimum period of 3 months.
Certain services where regulatory data is managed may have a longer minimum period.
Unless otherwise agreed upon.

My best advice is: talk to one of our experts to evaluate exactly what problem you are looking to solve.

Many of our solutions are complex and have the ability to be adapted to your needs. Therefore, solutions and thus the prices can vary. We prefer to agree on solutions together with you, to ensure your optimal price.

Yes we have applied GDPR requirements and we have adapted our systems and processes accordingly. We have always protected our customers’ data, even if this was at our expense. It is a central obligation towards our customers which we take verry seriously. We have a strong GDPR setup that ensures optimal compliance with the rules.

First of all, we would like to hear more about the challenges your company faces. Based on this, we will find the best solution for you. Solutions can be built using our existing solutions, custom solutions, or a new uniquely built solution to meet your special challenges.


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