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QuickBooking, Customer portal, Order management, Driver and Mobile Employee Apps, Route planning and Optimization, Digital Documents & Documentation, Fleet Management of Vehicles & Equipment Tracking, CO2 insight, Accounting Integrations, Bar-& QR code scanning, IoT Sensors!

For carriers

In today’s rapidly evolving transportation industry, carriers are facing unprecedented challenges that demand innovative solutions. The convergence of advanced technology and data-driven decision-making has opened up new avenues for optimizing carrier operations and ensuring efficiency throughout the supply chain. Enter SolutionWeb TMS for Carriers: STRA.com, a game-changing platform that offers a multitude of carrier-relevant functions. Paired with the transformative potential of data analytics, carriers now have the tools to make the best operational decisions, leading to enhanced productivity and profitability.

Data is key

In the age of digital transformation, data is no longer just a byproduct; it’s the driving force behind informed decision-making. Carriers can no longer afford to rely on gut feelings; instead, they must embrace data analytics to stay competitive and agile.
We offer a very high level of data detail. Our algorithms use the data to determine how products make their way through the supply chain in the most economic, fastest-, reliable-, and CO2 friendly way. Regardless if your transport is owned or outsourced to 3PLs, you control the logistical process every step of the way.


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