ULD Radar
The green tool for universal ULD tracking, inventory and pooling, integrated in all solutions.

T.I.P. your ULD management to a greener and leaner and more profitable operation!

  • Iata reports a yearly cost of repair and loss of equipment of USD 330 million
  • 1 single application feeds all other cargo handling systems
  • Abandon paper systems
  • Eliminate inefficiency
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Handle ULD with fewer resources
  • Avoid emergency solutions
  • Increase ULD management sustainability
  • Avoid broadcast emails to find equipment
  • Alliance Ground International (AGI) welcomes ULD related solutions

Instant ULD overview

The backend system will instantaneously show a map based overview of the location of your ULD assets. The map rendering is supported by an advanced analytics module to cater for a wide array of relevant search possibilities.

The system caters for hierarchical access to data ensuring the relevant owners and handlers only get access to the assets relevant to them.

1 size fits all.
Integrations to all other management systems will ensure that you can use the ULD Radar in any context, no matter how your setup is.

ULD Tracker app (Android)

The ULD Tracker app ensures correct and smooth registration and upload of data to the central ULD Radar Databases.
The simple and intuitive layout supports a fast learning curve, and ensures correct data for every location check in or out.

With the app several known registration technologies can be chosen: manual, barcode, and advance AI image recognition scanner.
Future scanner technologies can be implemented as they appear on the market, thanks to the technical architecture of the engine room powering the solution.

A further feature is the the possibility to register and link flight numbers and ULD’s.

The “new user” functionality allows an unlimited number of users to register, and get linked to a specific location and handler. Once the user is granted access, all registrations can be executed and will be enriched with date, time, longtitude, latitude and operator id.

The SolutionWeb ULD Tracker app is downloadable from Google Play.

Airlines & Ground Handlers

  • Minimize carbon footprint
  • Optimize data accuracy
  • Avoid resource waste
  • 1 system fits all: ULD Radar integrates to all systems required
  • Track ULD Location
  • Quick and smooth ULD registration
  • Resource saving: pool before move
  • Caculate pooling fees
  • 1 time stock registrations – no recounts necessary
  • Prepared for future technologies

Join us!

  • Use the “check in / check out” technology that suits you best
  • Avoid ULD disappearance
  • Simple value cost structure
  • No initial investment required
  • Unlimited users
  • Advanced analytics
  • Data Safety according to European standards
  • Neutral solution
  • Technologically independent
  • Promotes greener thinking
  • Save operational time

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