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T.I.P. your ULD management to a leaner and greener and more profitable operation!

As per Iata, the annual cost of repair and loss of equipment is a staggering USD 330 million. Here are the first reasons why you should consider ULDRADAR:

  1. Improved Efficiency: A web-based ULD management platform can help airlines and ground handlers streamline their operations by eliminating paper-based systems and reducing manual data entry. With real-time access to ULD information, teams can make quick decisions about ULD allocation, repairs, and maintenance, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.
  2. Increased Accuracy: A web-based ULD management platform improves data accuracy by reducing the potential for human error in manual data entry. It also ensures that everyone involved in ULD management has access to the same accurate information, reducing the risk of miscommunication or confusion.
  3. Cost Savings: By improving efficiency and accuracy, a web-based ULD management platform can help airlines and ground handlers save money on ULD repairs and replacements. It can also help them optimize their ULD usage, reducing the need to purchase or lease additional ULDs.
  4. Environmental Benefits: Adopting a web-based ULD management platform can help airlines and ground handlers reduce their carbon footprint by reducing paper usage, minimizing transportation needs, and optimizing ULD usage. It is a step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation.
  5. Scalability: A web-based ULD management platform is highly scalable and can be adapted to any size of operation. It can accommodate a growing fleet of ULDs and can be integrated with other systems and tools to create a comprehensive ULD management solution.

Instant ULD overview

Our platform’s backend offers an intuitive interface that presents the real-time location of your ULD assets on a map, accompanied by an advanced analytics module that delivers various search options to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

We provide hierarchical data access, granting relevant owners and handlers exclusive access to their respective assets. Our integrations with other management systems ensure seamless use of ULD Radar in any setup.

Exciting news! We’ve recently integrated UCM and SCM messaging into our ULD Radar platform. ULD Stock Control Message (SCM) is a messaging standard that provides crucial information about ULDs, such as identification number, type, status, and location. It’s used in ULD management to report stock and movement of ULDs between parties like airlines and ground handlers.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency and streamline ULD management like never before.

ULD Tracker app (Android)

Our ULD Tracker app (Android) ensures smooth registration and upload of data to the central ULD Radar Databases. The simple and intuitive layout supports a fast learning curve, and ensures correct data for every location check-in or out. With the app, several registration technologies can be chosen, including manual, barcode, and advanced AI image recognition scanner.
Additionally, future scanner technologies can be implemented as they appear on the market, thanks to the technical architecture of the engine room powering the solution.

The “new user” functionality allows an unlimited number of users to register, get linked to a specific location and handler, and execute registrations enriched with date, time, longitude, latitude, and operator ID.

Airlines and ground handlers can minimize their carbon footprint, optimize data accuracy, avoid resource waste, track ULD location, calculate pooling fees, conduct one-time stock registrations,

The ULD RADAR platform offers a simple value cost structure, requires no initial investment, supports unlimited users, provides advanced analytics, and ensures data safety according to international standards.
ULDRADAR is a neutral and technologically independent platfrom that promotes greener thinking, saving operational time.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your ULD management operations while making them more eco-friendly. Join us today and choose the check-in/check-out technology that suits you best while avoiding ULD disappearance.

The SolutionWeb ULD Tracker app is downloadable from Google Play.

Airlines & Ground Handlers

  • Minimize carbon footprint
  • Optimize data accuracy
  • Avoid resource waste
  • 1 system fits all: ULD Radar integrates to all systems required
  • Track ULD Location
  • Quick and smooth ULD registration
  • Resource saving: pool before move
  • Caculate pooling fees
  • 1 time stock registrations – no recounts necessary
  • Prepared for future technologies

Join us!

  • Use the “check in / check out” technology that suits you best
  • Avoid ULD disappearance
  • Simple value cost structure
  • No initial investment required
  • Unlimited users
  • Advanced analytics
  • Data Safety according to European standards
  • Neutral solution
  • Technologically independent
  • Promotes greener thinking
  • Save operational time

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