Actia Dbox 2 download tool

Actia Dbox 2 download tool

2.094,00 DKK


D-Box 2 is compatible with all tachographs and software for archiving and with EuroTMS – TachoMan Cloud Solution, it is the perfect solution for archiving in accordance with regulation requirements and data analysis for tachograph.
D-BOX 2 is light, compact and user friendly. With its four-button gives direct access to functions. With dataoptions and partial download (“last download”) makes downloading even faster. A larger screen provides optimum comfort and the three LEDs indicate the progress of the download in real time. The USB port plug and play given the rapid transfer of data to the computer.

D-Box 2 provides high performance with its storage capacity of 2 GB (350 downloads) and is unique in the market with its removable micro SD card. With the new compact design and an interface that supports 26 languages, the D-Box 2 is the perfect solution
for both fleet owners, garages or authorities.

Manuals and operational tips can be found in our FAQ & Support section at this LINK

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