FleetManagement System Service planned

In order to ensure smooth performance of our services we will carry out our planned maintenance works for our IT systems.

On Sunday, September 24th, 2023 between 19:00 PM and 21:00 PM EET we will perform maintenance works that might cause short periods of unavailability of  our FleetManagement Solution or some of the features.

  • Date: 2023-09-24
  • Time: 19.00-21.00 PM EET
  • System affected: FleetManager

The following symptoms might be felt while using FleetManager during upcoming maintenance:

  • Temporary system lag
  • Temporary data delay
  • FleetManager Driver states, time analysis lag
  • Various FleetManager modules will be stopped for a while

Maintenance works help us ensure better stability, performance, and security of our services.
Maintenance works are performed when the usage of our services is the lowest to ensure minimum impact to our clients.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and we recommend performing any necessary changes or adjustments in advance or after maintenance works.


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