Tracking provides between 5-25% operational improvement

Create an overview with Tracking

We help you create an overview by Tracking your vehicles, equipment, sensors and data in one place: online and directly integrated with your existing solutions.

Does always having Tracking information at your fingertips contribute to your success?
It has been found to make a difference of between 5 and 25% in savings optimization and better operating decisions.

Overview of your vehicles, assets, sensors and data

Structure and overview of your vehicles is not only an opportunity to minimize Co2 emissions, but it is also an opportunity to optimize the operation of your fleet by 5 to 25%, independent studies show.

With always updated information, you can make informed decisions.
In addition, tracking history always helps in case of need for documentation of who has been where, when.

Tracking opens up opportunities to create overview and documentation not only of vehicles but also equipment such as containers, cages, pledged carriers (RTI), sensors for measuring level and temperature, and not least Tracking of data so that data can be to automate certain business processes.


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