1st Scope of the agreement

These subscription terms apply to all Solutionweb Aps subscription types. When ordering, the customer will receive further specification of the agreement if the customer’s needs are not included in the standard agreement. This is done in the form of additions to the standard agreement.

2nd Parties

The parties to this subscription agreement with SOLUTIONWEB Aps are the customer and SOLUTIONWEB Aps. If the customer is a legal person / company, at the conclusion of the agreement, the customer must provide SOLUTIONWEB Aps with information about the company name, address, telephone number, contact person and company form.

The Customer may not, without the written permission of SOLUTIONWEB Aps, allow subscriptions to be taken over or otherwise allow others to dispose of the web hosting agreement. Thus, the subscription may not be used to provide content or services to anyone other than the customer or his company.
SOLUTIONWEB Aps does not allow the transfer of the subscription agreement or related additional services to third parties.

3rd Contracting and Creating

The customer can request a web hosting subscription by telephone, electronic, personal or written request to SOLUTIONWEB Aps.

At the conclusion of the agreement, the customer is obliged to provide the correct company name, name, address and telephone number, which then forms the basis of the contractual conditions. In the event of changes to these conditions, the customer must immediately notify SOLUTIONWEB Aps. At the conclusion of the agreement, the customer must provide SOLUTIONWEB Aps information about the address as well as any separate addresses to which payment collection and / or communications regarding the subscription must be sent.

SOLUTIONWEB Aps reserves the right, at any time, to reject a customer who is registered as a poor payer at a credit rating agency or to SOLUTIONWEB Aps’ other relevant records.

4th Privacy
Information provided to the customer in connection with subscription creation is confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties. If this information is lost, the customer must immediately contact SOLUTIONWEB Aps and SOLUTIONWEB Aps will resend the information. The customer is responsible for any misuse of this information.

The customer is liable for all consumption of the subscription. In the event of a third party’s abuse of the customer’s subscription, it is the responsibility of the customer to document this. If abuse is suspected, the customer must immediately notify SOLUTIONWEB Aps

Material to and from the customer’s electronic mailbox is confidential. SOLUTIONWEB Aps is not entitled to read or otherwise disclose information to third parties about activities related to the customer’s subscription. SOLUTIONWEB Aps only discloses information when this may be required with reference to a valid legal secret of e.g. authorities, courts, or in the case of offenses.

5th Remedy and Support

All subscribers are entitled to support. Support is provided for technical assistance, but without responsibility for solving technical problems. SOLUTIONWEB Aps is also not responsible for any data loss related to support. The customer is not released for payment in case SOLUTIONWEB Aps fails to solve the customer’s technical problems.

Errors on fixed assets owned by SOLUTIONWEB are sought to be rectified as soon as possible. Outside of normal working hours, the reaction time before commencing fault correction can be expected to be longer, as a distinction is made between errors in the evening, night or early morning. Calls for support in extended support time can only be made when the customer subscribes to it. Customers who wish to subscribe to 16-08 Service or customer-specific service agreements can obtain further information about this by contacting SOLUTIONWEB Aps.

Support may be charged when the fault is caused by equipment or installations other than SOLUTIONWEB Aps or its network operator’s property.

6th Prices & Payment

SOLUTIONWEB Aps charges the current subscription prices for the selected subscription type. In addition, SOLUTIONWEB Aps may charge for special supplementary, one-off, fees and services ordered by the customer.

Information about the prices and fees applicable at any time can be obtained by contacting SOLUTIONWEB Aps or by posting on the website www.Solutionweb.dk.

Any subscription fees, services and services are charged prior to the beginning of the period and are first issued upon commencement thereof. The length of the period depends on the selected subscription type, service or service and will appear in the specific subscription terms.

In case of late payment, SOLUTIONWEB Aps is entitled to charge interest on interest according to the interest rate law applicable at any time, from the expiry of the payment deadline.
until the time when payment is made.
SOLUTIONWEB Aps is entitled to charge a fee for sending reminder letters, cancellations and the like. In case of non-payment, SOLUTIONWEB Aps is entitled to terminate the customer’s connection to services and services. If the subscription is canceled due to non-payment, the lost subscription period will not be refunded and SOLUTIONWEB Aps is entitled to charge a fee to restore the customer’s subscription.

7th Generally regarding SOLUTIONWEB’s infrastructure

SOLUTIONWEB ApS makes active use of methods to combat spam and other abuse of the Internet. Customers who abuse SOLUTIONWEB’s or their own spam email systems may be charged for the costs this may incur SOLUTIONWEB.

SOLUTIONWEB Aps is entitled to take the necessary precautions in securing the operation of the SOLUTIONWEB Aps network. This may include – but is not limited to – blocking traffic that is believed to compromise the security of SOLUTIONWEB Aps’ network.

It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that all material placed on SOLUTIONWEB’s servers complies with applicable Danish and international copyright law and thereby does not infringe any third party’s rights.

SOLUTIONWEB Aps does not undertake – and does not have the opportunity – to control the customer’s use of the resources made available to the customer. Accordingly, the Customer assumes all responsibility for all information that the Customer makes available through the use of services and servers provided by SOLUTIONWEB Aps.

The customer’s doing and loading on the Internet is the sole responsibility of the customer. SOLUTIONWEB Aps cannot be held responsible for any hardware and software problems arising from the use of the Internet.

By default, SOLUTIONWEB guarantees a 99.7% network accessibility. The availability of a standard server based on a shared service (eg web hosting) is 99%. Availability is measured on a calendar year. Availability is measured and documented in SOLUTIONWEB’s backbone. Routing including peering between backbone and other network providers is not included in the above availability figures.

If SOLUTIONWEB cannot comply with the above availability, the customer can be compensated with up to 25% discount on the subsequent settlement.

Errors arising from Force Majeure incidents, the customer’s circumstances or actions / omissions by a third party at the customer or as a result of the customer’s circumstances, or due to scheduled maintenance, are not compensated.

SOLUTIONWEB also reserves the right to a number of service windows (scheduled maintenance) during one year, typically in connection with upgrades, moving equipment or anything that may result in unavailability. These service windows will normally be run for the period 24-06, but may occur during regular office hours if the security of the network or a server is generally deemed to be compromised.

8th Liability
SOLUTIONWEB Aps is not liable for losses incurred as a result of interruptions, disruptions or breakdowns in the subscriptions, services and services acquired by the customer, or losses due to other circumstances at SOLUTIONWEB Aps or with third parties. This applies whether the loss is due to system failure or other conditions at SOLUTIONWEB Aps or third parties.

SOLUTIONWEB Aps is not liable for indirect losses, such as lost profits, loss of operations, loss of production as a result of the customer’s product, service or service not being used as provided, losses resulting from an agreement with a third party being breached or lapsed, intellectual property violations beer arising from the use of information found on the Internet.

SOLUTIONWEB Aps is not liable for damages if the customer uses technician assistance or other support from third parties.

SOLUTIONWEB Aps also assumes no liability for losses due to unauthorized access to the customer’s data and / or systems.

In the event of a temporary cancellation or cancellation of a subscription, as a result of a breach of agreement between the customer and SOLUTIONWEB Aps, the customer does not acquire any claim against SOLUTIONWEB Aps.

It is up to each customer to have a backup of all material on the customer’s website. SOLUTIONWEB Aps is therefore not responsible for data loss etc. in connection with the customer’s use of the subscription agreement and related services. Separate agreement on backup with guarantee for restoration within specified time and place can be concluded separately.

9th Force Major

SOLUTIONWEB is not obliged to pay compensation, cf. clause 8, if the lack of access to the customer’s product, service or service is due to circumstances beyond SOLUTIONWEB Aps’ control. This may be, but is not limited to, lightning, flooding, fire, war, strike, lockout and power outages, including strike and lockout among SOLUTIONWEB Aps’ own employees, as well as network overload, other people’s networks and system failure.

10th Termination
The termination of the agreement can be done with 3 months notice from the customer. The customer’s agreement is automatically invoiced at least 3 months in advance, depending on the type of subscription – until it is canceled in accordance with the above cancellation notice. The customer’s subscription is renewed automatically until terminated in accordance with the above termination rules.

SOLUTIONWEB Aps may terminate the subscription with 30 days’ notice until the end of a subscription period, unless it is a breach, cf. section 11.

Prepaid subscription is not refundable if the subscription is terminated before the end of the subscription period. The customer is thus liable for any receivables SOLUTIONWEB Aps may have as well as for any payments, if a new subscription period has started.

Cancellation by the customer must be made in writing to SOLUTIONWEB Aps.

At the end of the subscription after closing, SOLUTIONWEB Aps is entitled to delete any websites and e-mail addresses immediately and without further notice.

The customer’s data from any websites and e-mail addresses etc. will be deleted in SOLUTIONWEB Aps’ systems 30 days after the subscription ends.

Any reopening of a closed subscription requires the submission of a new password and a fee for the extra work that is charged to SOLUTIONWEB in this regard.

11th Defaults
If the customer fails to subscribe, SOLUTIONWEB Aps is entitled to cancel or close this with immediate effect without prior notice. One or more of the following may be a material breach:

Incorrect or missing customer information, e.g. in connection with address changes.

Non-payment. SOLUTIONWEB ApS reserves the right to terminate access to servers / services if payment has not been received despite sending out bank statements, reminders, interest rates or otherwise has made the customer aware that payment has not been registered.

All forms of sending and distributing spam from or through the customer.

The spread of viruses.

Attempted illegal network penetration or execution of Denial of Service attacks. This includes – but is not limited to – port scanning, mail bombing, use of programs such as Back Orifice, Netbus and the like. Violation of these rules, if deemed necessary, may also result in police notification.

Websites that contain racist messages, pornography or messages that are deemed to be intended to downplay minority groups, etc.

Websites and email that infringe on third party rights.

Resale, rental, lending, transfer etc. of the subscription to third parties. Network sharing with other legal entities, unless otherwise agreed in writing with SOLUTIONWEB Aps.

In the event of a break – as a result of the customer’s breach – SOLUTIONWEB Aps will notify the customer of the reason for the break. SOLUTIONWEB Aps may, at a specific discretion, allow any reopening. Cancellation due to default does not entitle the customer to refusal of the subscription payment.

12th Changing subscription terms and prices

SOLUTIONWEB Aps may change prices, subscription terms and product offerings at any time. This can be done by advertising on www.Solutionweb.dk or by sending an email or letter. When sending e-mail, SOLUTIONWEB Aps uses the customer’s default e-mail address according to pkt.3.

Regardless of the period of non-notice, the customer may cancel the subscription with a notice of 10 working days in connection with significant changes in subscription terms, prices etc.

If the changes are favorable to the customer, including reducing prices, launching new products, etc. the changes may be notified and implemented without notice. In an overall assessment, it is only a requirement that the overall price change reduces the customer’s costs, although regulation of sub-areas in isolation may represent price increases.

The Customer is responsible for keeping up-to-date with SOLUTIONWEB AP’s current prices, subscription terms, etc.

13th Disputes and Complaint Procedure

In the event of a dispute between the customer and SOLUTIONWEB Aps, the customer may complain in writing to SOLUTIONWEB Aps. SOLUTIONWEB Aps will then, as soon as possible – and no later than 3 months after the complaint is lodged – process the complaint and make a decision.

14th Backup
A daily backup of all customer data, including email data and database data, is taken. Furthermore, a weekly backup is taken every Sunday, which is stored for a week before being overwritten. Some subscription types are stored for a long time.
Restoring data due to anything other than restoring a server is done at a cost. In the specific case, SOLUTIONWEB may come with a price that varies depending on scope. Restoring databases is generally more expensive than restoring “flat” files.

Separate backup agreements can be signed if the basic service does not cover the need for backup. Separate offers are submitted at the request of the customer.

15th Entry into force
These subscription terms will take effect on May 3, 2006

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