GPS tracking air freight containers

GPS tracking freight containers

With GPS tracking of air freight containers, you always know where your containers are. Restrictions on airborne GPS tracking are a thing of the past. We install our GPS tracker on your air-cargo containers so that you always have insight into where your containers are. Would you like more information about this innovative solution? Contact our specialist Douwe Hoekstra via(+31) (0)85-2735700.


Track & trace of containers for air transport

SolutionWeb offers a track & trace solution for air freight containers via a GPS feed. We do this through a certified solution that has been approved by many carriers. In-flight cargo tracking continues to gain prominence and is growing rapidly. In addition, more and more companies active in air freight are using data-driven logistics using IoT (Internet of Things). Are you ready to take the next step with us?

The precise location of your air freight containers

Knowing exactly where your containers are and have been is a major operational advantage. Especially when you realize that all this logistics data can be continuously displayed in your own systems or via SolutionWeb’s web solutions. Without having to perform extra actions, you always know exactly where your cargo is. This information can also be communicated to your customers.

GPS tracking air freight containers – easy installation

Our GPS tracking device can be installed on the container within a few minutes. You then have access to an up-to-date tracker with a battery life of up to 7 years! Would you like to know more about this innovative solution? Contact us.

Track & trace van luchtvrachtcontainers

About SolutionWeb

SolutionWeb started in Copenhagen in Denmark and expanded over the years to the Netherlands. Thanks to our smart apps, tracking and integrations, we help our customers with more overview, less administration and more automation. Since our foundation in the 1990s, more than 10,000 people in Europe have used our services. Do you want to know more about SolutionWeb? Learn more about us or contact Douwe Hoekstra at (+31) (0)85-2735700 for more information.


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