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Solutionweb is the founder of the Get Leaner, Go Greener platform. The platform faciltates small to large sized manufacturing and transport companies with their supply chain logistics. It’s rich on features, connects to various other data sources and integrates with various ERP systems. All, to handle logistics in the most efficient way in order to make it benificial for our customer, our customer’s customer and our climate.

“We are very concerned about what happens to our climate right now. We want to contribute by making impact on the climate crises with our company. We believe that many companies can benefit from our software. The more companies use our platform the bigger our impact. So we are extremely driven to have as many company’s using our platform as possible.

We want to be able to look back in 10 years to observe that we did everything in our power to leave a greener footprint for future generations.”

Douwe Hoekstra & Jimmy Hansen, founders Get Leaner, Go Greener

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