EuroTMS – Transport Management System

Standard & special solutions for transport.

We can help you and your business with the total package or a modular solution built according to your needs. The driver app can be connected to your current ERP System, so that we digitize your mobile employees and include it digitally in the business’s production.

The primary solutions are

  • Driver App
  • OrderBooking
  • Route planning & optimization
  • Fleet management
  • Tachograph data collection storage and reporting

OrderBooking for order management can be used to a greater or lesser degree, depending on your needs.

OrderBooking can be expanded with a Dispatch module which gives you access to a very well-thought-out method of disposing of orders for the drivers and cars that are available, both own and external. A customer portal is a recommended part of the solution so that your customers either enter directly into OrderBooking, or they can “shoot” orders in via available APIs from all ERP systems such as NAV, Sap, Exact, C5, E-Conomic, and many other (international) solutions. Omnibox-based fleet management can provide advanced data to best support your business decisions.

On the basis of consignment notes, we have constructed a dynamic solution which even today handles many forms of transport by land, sea and air.
Built closely with our Contact Management solution, OrderBooking is a unique and very flexible way to manage transports.

Enriched with Apps for digitizing mobile employees, integrations, and a machine room with great algorithms for route calculation and optimization, you get a digital partner in your business that creates a better overview, less administration and more automation.

It may sound overwhelming but it’s really easy to get started and away from banknotes and excel as your business grows.

TachoMan Cloud

Is your option for an independent Tachograph solution for collecting, storing and reporting on data, so that you minimize your work effort and fine risk and maximize your fulfillment of legal driving-rest time obligations.

We are independent and that is important to you because we have no links with the police or organizations with a political agenda. TachoMan Cloud together with an ARTD solution gives you a lot of driving-rest time security and peace of mind, as the collection process is automated and supported by a check if the files actually come in as planned. If there is a problem, our TachoMan Cloud will ensure that you are informed about this.

The euroTMS solution is for you who want a solid foundation for digitizing your business in order to grow professionally.
That is why we have put together the solution that we have. With experience since 1997 and many different types of customers at home and abroad, we can support you and your business with a great deal of knowledge, so that we find the solution that suits you best.


The value of tracking vehicles and equipment is uncontrollably high.
Making decisions based on the right fleet data can have a big impact on a company’s earnings.

Disposing of the right equipment at the right locations is also of great importance.

We not only track vehicles with your orders as well.
This way, we can offer a rather unique feature that mixes fleet data and order data to support the best decisions.

Tracking of load carriers such as pallets, containers, cages etc. is also important as there may be larger amounts at stake.

Omnibox-based fleet management can provide advanced data to best support your business decisions.

  • GPS Tracking – live dot on the map
  • GPS Tracking – History
  • ARTD – Automatic Remote Tacho Download – all the way down to daily download
  • Canbus data – monitoring fuel consumption and other technical data to support your business decisions.

Among the features of the app are:

  1. Navigation
  2. Taking pictures
  3. Barcode scanning
  4. Digital document management
  5. ETA communication and adjustment
  6. Time registration
  7. Mileage registration
  8. Digital signature (SOG: sign on glass)
  9. Notes

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