Digital e-CMR – electronic consignment note

More and more companies are using the e-CMR for (international) transport. This is a logical development. The e-CMR is at least as safe and reliable as the paper version! In addition, drivers no longer need to carry paper waybills for international journeys. Many European countries see the e-CMR as a legally valid alternative to the paper waybill. Initiatives such as the Electronic Freight Transport Information Regulation (eFTI) are very helpful in this regard.

An e-CMR has many advantages over the paper consignment note.

An e-CMR has many advantages over the paper consignment note.

What is an E-CMR?

Did you know that the electronic version of the consignment note was already allowed in the Netherlands in 1994? We are now more than two decades further and more and more transporters are becoming convinced of the usefulness of the e-CMR. The digital consignment note provides, among other things, proof about: the parties to the contract of carriage, the content of the contract of carriage, the receipt of the goods stated and the condition of the goods upon receipt. The big advantage is that it is completely digitally tracked and administered.

International use of e-CMR

As a transporter, the electronic waybill offers you many advantages and is used more and more. In the Benelux you already benefit from the advantages and convenience. For example, the Benelux Committee of Ministers decided to extend the Benelux e-CMR pilot until 2025. This means that you will be prepared for transport to Belgium and Luxembourg in the coming years.

The e-CMR is also playing an increasingly important role outside the Benelux. The European platform eFTI aims to fully integrate this digitization into its structure in the coming years.

Do you opt for an e-CMR?

The data from the e-CMR is completely integrated and available in all our (mobile) solutions. Exchanging data is a snap. Placing a signature on receipt, consulting an order status or tracking a shipment is also child’s play.

Moreover, the drivers in your fleet always have the correct information at their disposal. You also keep the administration neat and complete at the office.

Did you know that digitizing (transport) documents is one of our specialties?

Why use an e-CMR?

There are several reasons to choose an e-CMR. Below you can read some examples:

Safe and contactless

Unlike the paper waybill, the digital version does not pose a risk of spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19). The consignment note is provided with information completely contactless and digitally. This makes it a particularly safe tool!

No more paper waybills

Many companies still opt for a (partial) paper administration, such as the paper consignment note. Thanks to our solutions, that is a thing of the past. Say goodbye to lost papers or illegible waybills!

An additional advantage of digital administration is that you have to print less. That means you save costs and do something good for the environment.

Always up to date information

The e-CMR is always wirelessly connected to the cloud. This makes real-time changes transparent. The correct delivery times and delivery information are therefore always available. You can also share this tracking information with your customers. You can communicate this delivery information (centrally) via email, SMS or a web portal).

Have the consignment note signed immediately

A major advantage of an e-CMR is that you can have your customer sign it immediately upon receipt. This means that your administration department can immediately start invoicing.

Are you ready for the next step?

Are you ready to take the next step in your automation? Do you want to spend less time on (paper) administration and create more overview? Let us surprise you and contact us via  (+31) (0)85-2735700. Douwe Hoekstra is your point of contact and is happy to tell you more about how you can save money through automation solutions such as the e-CMR.

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