10 tips to look good on video

1- Highlight the most important thing: you!

Place the light in front of you so that you are well lit and in the center of attention

2- Avoid overlit backgrounds

In this situation, most cameras will dim the entire image and make you look like a silhouette.

3- Control your surroundings

Messy backgrounds or busy environments can be distracting and seem unprofessional.

4- Use simple and solid colors in your clothing choice

Busy patterns and prints, especially repetitive patterns, can create strange effects when on camera. Solid colors keep the focus on you and your message.

5- Place your camera at eye level

This is a much more flattering angle than the infamous “up-in-the-nose” image from the bottom up.

6- Make sure you are on a strong and stable internet connection

It is important to avoid delays, and image freezing.

7- Close programs you do not use

Other apps can seize bandwidth at any time needed to deliver a good and clear picture and a good meeting. Furthermore, it is not necessary for everyone to be able to see which programs you use for the sake of your privacy.

8- Check if the sound works and is of good quality

As far as possible, use a video conferencing headset to make sure you sound as good as you look.

9- Test picture and sound before going on

Make sure the background and lighting are in order, and double check that the camera is focused on you!

10- Invest in a good webcam

Whether you are sitting at your laptop or desktop computer, at home or in the office, you can use a webcam that allows you to control the framing, adjust the focus and select a color setting. Important details to appear as good as possible on the screen.


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